Vengeance: The Book of Shane e-short #3 (Spirit Animals: Special Edition) (Spirit Animals: The Book of Shane)

Vengeance: The Book of Shane e-short #3 (Spirit Animals: Special Edition) (Spirit Animals: The Book of Shane)

Language: English

Pages: 45


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This trilogy of e-shorts shines a light on one of the most compelling--and dangerous--villains of the NEW YORK TIMES bestselling series.

The war is over and Erdas is rebuilding. It seems everyone is celebrating a new age of peace.

Everyone except Shane. Shane wants revenge.

The young Conqueror is on the hunt, tracking a target who knows his every move before it happens. He's closing in on his prey -- but the closer Shane gets, the more he begins to see patterns in the shadows.

Shane can sense a trap is waiting. He's being led down a path that he may not be able to return from. Will he abandon his quest for vengeance . . . or follow it into the darkness?

Author Bio
Nick Eliopulos is the author of Spirit Animals: The Book of Shane, a series of e-novellas set in the world of the bestselling multi-platform series. His short stories have appeared in Spirit Animals: Tales of the Great Beasts and Stuck in the Middle: Seventeen Comics from an Unpleasant Age. An avid fan of comics, games, and monster movies, he lives in Brooklyn and works in Manhattan as an editor of books for kids and teens.

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taking a step forward. “You killed her. You killed Drina!” “The serpent killed your sister.” Shane sneered. “You held her down.” “And you gave her the Bile,” Yumaris responded calmly. “And Zerif led you to that, because Kovo bid him to. And on and on.” He took another step. “You’re not escaping the blame for what you did.” “And will you, Devourer? Escape the blame for all you’ve done?” She clucked her tongue. “Once we drank the Bile, weren’t we all Gerathon’s puppets? Perhaps none of us were

as he directed, and Shane could barely make out her features in the low light of the alleyway. She was a stranger, with dark hair cut short, sharp cheekbones, and fierce, unafraid eyes. “My name is Anya. I heard you speaking with my mistress back at the shop. I wished to see if you would really go into the jungle alone.” “What’s it matter to you?” “It is too dangerous. I spend a great deal of time there.” “In the jungle?” She nodded. “Why is that?” The girl bit her lower lip. “The

Gerathon and Kovo’s defeat, Conquerors all over the world had been losing their spirit animals. With the Bile gone, its power to compel was dwindling. It was only a matter of time before everyone who had used it to force a bond would find that their once-doting animal companions had opinions of their own. Shane absently touched the spot on his chest where his own spirit animal slept as a tattoo. He hadn’t released Grahv since hearing the news that Bile bonds were fading. How long would it be

Shane said. “These are just men. And they’re your best bet at getting out of here alive.” “I don’t know about that,” said Anya. “I’m thinking we throw Soyland to the bear and she lets us go.” Soyland gulped audibly at Shane’s back. “We’re not throwing anyone to the bear.” “Then we shoot it. I have poison arrows.” “No!” Shane shouted, and his voice echoed in the oddly shaped chamber. “No,” he said more calmly. “The bear was a victim in all this. Poisoning her isn’t right.” After a moment of

a tunnel. Where all before had been stone, the pathway behind the hidden door was carved entirely from dirt. “Do you think it’s safe?” Anya asked. “Absolutely not,” Shane said. “You said it yourself, Anya: Everything in this jungle is out to get us.” She sighed. “Let me get a torch.” “It’s like a giant earthworm tunnel,” Shane said, and he shuddered when the words had left his mouth. Where Yumaris was concerned, he didn’t really believe in coincidence. The tunnel sloped downward, slowly at

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