Unexpected Art: Serendipitous Installations, Site-Specific Works, and Surprising Interventions

Unexpected Art: Serendipitous Installations, Site-Specific Works, and Surprising Interventions

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 1452135487

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Graffiti made from cake icing, man-made clouds floating indoors, a luminous moon resting on water. Collected here are dozens of jaw-dropping artworks—site-specific installations, extraordinary sculptures, and groundbreaking interventions in public spaces—that reveal the exciting things that happen when contemporary artists play with the idea of place. Unexpected Art showcases the wonderfully experimental work of more than 50 innovative artists from around the world in galleries of their most astonishing artworks. An unusual package with three different-colored page edges complements the art inside and makes this tour of the world's most mind-blowing artwork a beautiful and thoughtprovoking gift for anyone interested in the next cool thing.

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Seelie. All rights reserved. Pages 152–155 Photo 1: Photo by Leonid Tishkov Photo 2: Photo by Leonid Tishkov and Boris Bendikov Photo 3: Photo by Marcus Williams and SP5 Unitec Pages 156–157 Images courtesy of the artist, Michal Trpak Pages 158–159 Images courtesy of the artist, Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia Pages 160–163 Photographs: Gene Ogami Courtesy of the artist and Zach Feuer Gallery, New York 1 Russell Maltz Painted/Stacked Oaxaca, 2012 Museo de los Pintores Oaxaqueños,

Crossing Half a Million Stars, the piece becomes the gallery space, and the visitor becomes the object of desire. 1–4 Crossing Half a Million Stars, 2011 8-mm metal ball bearings, approx. 500,000 pieces 1 2 3 4 AMANDA BROWDER Prismatic Vortex was constructed in the lower level of the St. Nicks Alliance in Brooklyn, N.Y., at the Arts@Renaissance residency. The building, originally an outpatient facility of Greenpoint Hospital, and the installation, fabricated by volunteers from the

3 LEANDRO ERLICH Leandro Erlich’s Bâtiment was first built in 2004 for the annual Parisian art festival Nuit Blanche, which spreads throughout the city for one night. Because so many people stroll about, the artist realized the project had to be large and accessible. He wanted it to be like a dream come true: defying the laws of gravity for a short moment. Every version of Bâtiment is inspired by the architecture of the area where it’s placed (Paris; a small town in Japan; Buenos Aires). If art

themselves, embodying and releasing solar energy. The ability to touch, feel, and walk through the clouds is a notion drawn from many of our fantasies. Gazing out of airplane windows, high above the earth, we often daydream of what it might be like to live in this ethereal world of fluffy vapor. Transsolar & Tetsuo Kondo Architects create Cloudscapes—with which visitors can experience a real cloud from below, within, and above—floating in the center of the Arsenale. The cloud is always changing

Sleep exhibition Mixed media (mirror, wood, Styrofoam, and aluminum) 318 cm × 55 cm × 117 cm 1 2 CORNELIA KONRADS “Pile of Wishes” refers to an ancient tradition I noticed while in Korea which also exists in other parts of the world: piling stones at special places. Each passerby adds a stone to the pile, each stone signifies a wish or a prayer. These piles congregate at points of concentrated energy such as temples, crossroads, and fountains. I’m fascinated by the intersection of a

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