Trouble at the Wedding: Abandoned at the Altar (The Abandoned At The Altar Series)

Trouble at the Wedding: Abandoned at the Altar (The Abandoned At The Altar Series)

Laura Lee Guhrke

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 0061963178

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

“Passionate and exciting, Laura Lee Guhrke is always a delight to read.”
—Christina Dodd

New York Times bestseller Laura Lee Guhrke’s delicious Abandoned at the Altar series has historical romance readers eagerly saying, “I do!” Trouble at the Wedding is the third unforgettable walk down the aisle by the always delightful RITA Award winning author. The marriage ceremony of a Victorian heiress to the “perfect man” is most rudely interrupted by a meddlesome duke who’s convinced the bewitching lady is making a the biggest mistake of her life. Fans of Julia Quinn and Elizabeth Boyle will most certainly want to be in attendance to discover why Ms. Quinn herself calls the romance novels of Laura Lee Guhrke, “Better than chocolate.”

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of her own. She watched his mouth curve in a half smile and his black lashes drop a little as he gave her that look—the sleepy, seductive look all bad boys knew, the look that threatened to send a girl’s common sense sailing right out the window and ruin her life. That look of his wasn’t the only thing about last night she remembered. Annabel closed her eyes, remembering his wide palms cupping her face and his warm fingertips caressing her cheeks. And his mouth tasting like moonshine. Her lips

her head for the entire week she’d known him. Respect? You think Rumsford respects you? His derisive words rang through her mind, as clear as if he were standing right in front of her, but thankfully, the door to her stateroom opened just then and her mother came bustling in. “Heavens, child,” she cried, closing the door behind her and eyeing Annabel with dismay, “aren’t you finished dressing yet? Liza, what’s the delay?” “I’m almost finished, ma’am,” the maid assured Henrietta, and after one

in yellow went on. “Where have you been?” “Exploring. Did you know they have a sweet shop on board?” The girl pulled a lollipop out of her skirt pocket. “Just down there,” she added, flourishing the candy toward the aft end of the ship’s cabins. “So that’s what you’ve been doing all day while the rest of us have been unpacking your things for you? Exploring the ship and buying sweets with your pocket money? Eating them all, too, I’ll bet, and spoiling your supper.” The girl paused in her task

might just as easily have been holding a motley assortment of rubbish, so coolly disinterested was his expression. Hiram J. Burke, railway magnate, millionaire, inveterate gambler, and the man who had invited Christian to join the game this evening, had an ace on the table, but unless it was part of a royal flush, Christian’s straight flush would take the pot. “Call,” he said, reaching for chips. “And raise five thousand more.” The bet passed to the third man at the table, Arthur Ransom, a

your opinion of it?” “Uncle Arthur and I think it’s a good idea. Some company is going to make telephones work across the ocean, and if anybody can do it, it’s Hiram Burke. We bought fifteen percent. I’d have put that company on this list, but I don’t know when Mr. Burke will offer the shares.” “He won’t be offering them,” Christian said wryly. “At least, not to me.” “Why not you?” He considered whether to tell her, but after a moment, he shrugged, took a drink, and said, “My understanding is

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