Thomas' Milkshake Muddle (Thomas & Friends) (Pictureback(R))

Thomas' Milkshake Muddle (Thomas & Friends) (Pictureback(R))

Language: English

Pages: 24

ISBN: 0375839798

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Each new Thomas DVD creates great excitement. These three stories from the latest release are filled with the same gentle humor and familiar friends as all of the very popular Thomas Picturebacks.First, Thomas is taking milk to the dairy to make ice cream for a big party, and if he goes too fast, the milk will churn into butter. Second, Sir Topham Hatt has arranged for all the engines to go get a new coat of paint . . . but why was Toby left out? And third, when Neville—a new engine—is seen talking to diesels, none of the steamies will speak to him . . . not even to warn him that the bridge is out!

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of stone in the Quarry for Percy, even though it was dusty, dirty work. At last, Toby had finished. He was very tired and very dirty. Suddenly he saw Sir Topham Hatt waiting by the track. Toby still didn’t want to speak to Sir Topham Hatt. Quickly he reversed into a siding and didn’t see that a big rock had fallen on the line. “Bust my cowcatchers!” he cried. Luckily, no one was hurt. But Toby’s axle and his cowcatchers were broken. He couldn’t move! Sir Topham Hatt hurried over. “Why have

Thomas, you are to collect a piece of ironwork so the bridge can be repaired.” “Yes, sir,” huffed Thomas. At the yards, ’Arry and Bert were with Neville, the new engine. Neville was a steamie, but he had a square body like a diesel. Neville was backing up towards some trucks. “Nearly there,” said ’Arry cheekily. “Nearly there,” said Bert naughtily. Then there was trouble! “Watch where you’re going, clumsy wheels!” ’Arry and Bert laughed. Neville looked sad. “It’s not our fault if you’re a

Neville is going to biff into all the steamies?” Thomas asked Emily. “Don’t you know?” Emily whistled. “Percy told me, Edward told Percy, James told Edward, and you told James!” huffed Emily. “But I only said to James that I’d seen Neville with ’Arry and Bert.…” Then Toby arrived. “Have you heard about Neville, the new engine?” he puffed. “Henry saw ’Arry and Bert be horrible to him at the yards!” Emily was shocked. Thomas couldn’t believe it! Neville wasn’t friends with the diesels after

bumped Clarabel and was coupled up. Thomas was very scared. Slowly and steadily, he began to pull Neville back from the edge. The bridge made a creaking noise. Thomas knew he must hurry! He pulled as hard as he could.… And with one big puff, he pulled Neville’s wheels off the bridge! Thomas had done it! He had saved Neville and Annie and Clarabel! “Thank you,” whistled Neville. “I should have warned you,” puffed Thomas. “But I was too busy believing silly stories. I thought you didn’t like

Emily looked very pleased with herself. This made Thomas cross. “I can be as fast as you!” he huffed. “I’ll race you to the next signal!” Emily whistled. And she steamed quickly away. Thomas wheeshed after her as fast as his pistons would pump! As he raced along, the milk churns rattled and rocked.… They biffed and bashed.… And at the next signal, Thomas raced ahead of Emily. Thomas was very pleased. He steamed off for the Ice Cream Factory, but he had completely forgotten about going

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