The Tenth Street Studio Building: Artist-Entrepreneurs from the Hudson River School to the American Impressionists

The Tenth Street Studio Building: Artist-Entrepreneurs from the Hudson River School to the American Impressionists

Annette Blaugrund

Language: English

Pages: 143

ISBN: 0295976357

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New York's Tenth Street Studio Building (1857-1956), designed by Richard Morris Hunt, housed some of the most important artists in the United States, notably Frederic E. Church, Albert Bierstadt, Winslow Homer, John La Farge, and William Merritt Chase. The tenants worked, taught, exhibited, promoted, and sold their work from their studios and the gallery. This book examines not only the architecture and functions of the building, illustrating a number of the studios, but also the marketing of art in the 19th century. Excerpts from diaries, letters, and autobiographies provide a sense of the congeniality and collaboration among the tenants. A roster of tenants from 1857 to 1895 is included.

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were involved in promoting an international aesthetic, and the Studio Building once again was at the center of art activities. Always the teacher, Chase used the Pedestal Fund own Exhibition to forward his decorative arts. He ideas about maintained his European painting and the until December at auction. Although Tenth Street studio 1895, when he moved out and sold the contents crowds of people attended the auction, the prices paid were modest, some of them selling for less

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74 x Berry Hill Galleries, in. The National Portrait Gallery, Washington, on canvas; 10 Oil of the Sidvvay, Buffalo, by 1962; Orchid (Ly caste Dcppci) (William) Gilbert Gaul Oil 7 on canvas; 25 /t National l -York Historical Society, Gift of Donald Anderson, 1954.1 11. Provenance: William 1. Evans, by 1889. '/;• 1994.12. Interior with Portraits, William Stanley Haseltine in. 22 of American Art, Chicago, Thomas Le Clear (1818-1882 1855-1919) 1882 the Battery, on canvas; 36

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