The Rat-a-tat Mystery (The Barney Mysteries, Book 6)

The Rat-a-tat Mystery (The Barney Mysteries, Book 6)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 85


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A cosy house surrounded by snow-covered hills seems a perfect place to spend the Christmas holidays, but the peace is disturbed by unexplained noises. What is it that Snubby can hear coming from the cellar? He goes to investigate and mysteriously vanishes!

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been groundless - and she half-wished that Mrs. Tickle hadn’t told them that queer old story. �Let’s get on with our game,” said Snubby. �Let me see - we’d better deal again. Come on!” They dealt again and Snubby looked at his cards. �Ha!” he said. �Couldn’t be better! I can tell you this - even if Mr. No-One comes and hammers at that knocker now, I shall go on with this game - I’ve got a smashing hand!” Fortunately for him, there was no hammering at the front door, and he won the game easily,

Barney, beaming. �Yes, let’s all go skating.” They had a very pleasant evening with no more disturbances. They thought that Mrs. Tickle seemed a bit scared of being in the kitchen by herself, so they decided to ask her to come and have a game of Snap-Grab with them - that would cheer her up, and make her forget the snowman who had peeped in at her window. They set the cork in the middle of the table and Roger dealt the cards. Whenever anyone saw that two cards were the same, he not only had to

heavy too. Good gracious, no wonder the men had locked the cellar door and taken the key! Mrs. Tickle would have been amazed to find the cellar full of heavy boxes! Snubby supposed that the men hadn’t had time to remove them before Mrs. Tickle and the rest of them came down to Rat-a-Tat House - they must have thought that the house would certainly stand empty all the winter. The first man came right out of the cellar followed by a second man; they carried a big box between them. �Put it down

- you forget he has no father or mother.” �Well, I wish he wasn’t my nephew,” said Mr. Lynton. �And WHY must we have his dog Loony every time we have Snubby?” �Oh, Richard - you know Snubby wouldn’t come here if we didn’t have Loony - he adores Loony,” said his wife. �Ha!” said Mr. Lynton, opening his newspaper again. �So Snubby won’t go anywhere without Loony - well, tell him next holidays we won’t have that dog here - then perhaps Snubby won’t inflict himself on us!” �Oh, you don’t really

Barney’s Home Barney’s home was at Little Wendleman, and a car was at Wendleman station to meet them - a nice big utility van with plenty of room for luggage. Best of all, Barney was there to meet them too, with Miranda sitting excitedly on his shoulder. �Barney! Old Barney! And Miranda; hey, Miranda!” shouted Snubby, hanging out of the compartment window as the train drew in. He opened the door and he and Loony fell out together. Barney ran up in delight, his brilliant blue eyes shining as

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