The Race to Doobesh (The Secrets of Droon #24)

The Race to Doobesh (The Secrets of Droon #24)

Tony Abbott

Language: English

Pages: 148


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

With nearly 2 million books in print, this Little Apple series is H-O-T, hot. The SECRET is out -- DROON is the series that kids, parents, and teachers are talking about!

Ko's beasts have taken over Doobesh, a dangerous city full of thieves and pirates. Now they're hard at work at the magical forge in the nearby Dark Lands, creating powerful armor that will make them unstoppable. That is, unless Eric and his friends destroy the armor first. The race is on! Can the kids beat the beasts, flatten the forge, and dash out of the Dark Lands in time? On your mark . . . get set . . . GO!


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and collapsed the blocks of light until they were no larger than a pair of dice. In just moments, he took all the things in the cave, no matter how big, and bent, spun, and folded them into his pockets and pouches. Then, leading the small group to the mouth of the cave, he lowered his staff. The finger pointed straight ahead, and a beam of golden light pressed into the storm, parting the sands before it. Pasha grinned. “And now, as Neal would say, FOLLOW ME!” The howl of the storm was

“And will be destroyed,” said Julie. “We have to make sure of that,” said Keeah. As they approached the giant forge, the smell of burning wood and the sharp odor of hot metal filled the air. “There must be some beasts working there already,” said Pasha, adjusting his glasses. “Luckily, they may not expect anyone but other beasts to have come this far. With your disguises, you can probably get us in. Then the fun starts.” Neal made a sound. “And by fun, you probably mean not fun?” Pasha

it, I felt …” He looked as if he were searching for a word. Finally, he shook his head. “It has some kind of power, that’s all I know.” Eric wondered about that. What kind of power did the ring have exactly? And whose voice kept pushing them to find it? “Can I see it?” asked Neal. Taking it from Keeah, he slipped it on his wrist. “Not your style,” said Julie. “You don’t think it’s for a giant, do you?” asked Pasha as Neal gave it to Eric. Still looking at Sparr, Eric took the ring. The

in a whisper, but clear and strong and loud. I am proud of you! Galen said. Your journey was a long one, and difficult. But you found the dragon, the gate, the cave, and the ring. There remains but one thing more. Using the ring, you must now … find me! A moment later, the wizard’s face, still smiling, faded, and the ring was a ring once more. Keeah whooped. “Yes! Galen’s coming back!” She took the ring from Eric and set it in a bowl on a table. Still weak from holding the ring, Eric breathed

whooooosh! whooooosh! — the air was full of flying pie plates. One spun past Neal’s ear and nearly struck Julie. Another slammed against the wall behind them and clattered to the cobblestones in the square, while a third flew at the firefrogs, scattering them. “Jabbo will never be caught!” the pie maker yelled, leaning down from a balcony overhead. In a flash, he scrambled from roof to roof all the way to the far side of the square, dropped onto an awning, then bounced up and over the village

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