The Naughtiest Girl in the School (Naughtiest Girl, Book 1)

The Naughtiest Girl in the School (Naughtiest Girl, Book 1)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 90

ISBN: 2:00279736

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Elizabeth Allen is a spoiled girl who is the only child of her parents. She becomes very upset and outraged when she learns that she is being sent to a boarding school. When Elizabeth joins Whyteleafe School she is determined to misbehave so that she will be expelled and able to go back home as soon as possible.


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You say you want to be as horrid and nasty as you can-but just you try telling the others you saw me crying!" "Oh please, Joan! I wouldn't do that, I really wouldn't!" said Elizabeth, full of dismay to think that Joan should think such a thing of her. "Joan, please listen. . . I'm not quite as horrid as I make myself be. Oh, do please let me be friends with you." "No," said Joan, who was almost as obstinate as Elizabeth, when she was unhappy. "Go away. Do you suppose I'd let the naughtiest girl

don't mean to be here for long, but it would be nice to have somebody for a friend for a little while." "All right," said Joan, and she took Elizabeth's hand. "Thank you for coming to me tonight, I'm so glad you're not as horrid as I thought. I think you're very nice." Elizabeth slipped back to her own bed, her heart feeling warm and glad. It was good to have a friend. It was lovely to be thought very nice. No boy or girl had ever said that of Elizabeth before "I won't let the others laugh at

"I want to ask Harry something. Harry, what lesson do you cheat in?" "Arithmetic," said Harry sulkily. "Why?" asked William. "Well, I missed five weeks last term, and I got behind in my arithmetic," said Harry. "My father doesn't like me to be bad at arithmetic, and I knew I'd be almost bottom if I didn't cheat. So I thought I'd better cheat, and copy Humphrey's sums. That's all." "Yes-he did miss five weeks last term," said a monitor. "He had mumps, I remember." "And his father does get wild if

and behaviour. Elizabeth wished the Meeting was over. She was not used to having her behaviour discussed and dealt with, and she didn't like it at all. But she knew that everyone was treated the same, and she saw that it was quite fair, Money was put into the box. One girl, Eileen, had had a whole pound sent to her by her grandmother, and she put it into the box very proudly. She was glad to feel that she could add so much to the spending money of the school. The two shillings were given out to

and miserable that Matron was worried. "I think I'd better take your temperature," she said. "You don't look right to me. Put this warm dressing-down round you for a minute. I'll get the thermometer." She sent Elizabeth away. The little girl went off to the music-room to practise, feeling very upset. She practised her scales steadily, and somehow it comforted her. She went to look for Joan at supper-time, but she was nowhere to be seen. "Haven't you heard?" said Belinda. "Joan's ill! She'd got a

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