The Mystery of Banshee Towers (The Five Find-Outers, Book 15)

The Mystery of Banshee Towers (The Five Find-Outers, Book 15)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 71


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Who is wailing at Banshee Towers?

Screaming Banshees are not the only mystery at Banshee Towers – it holds other secrets too. Join the Five Find-Outers for their final case.

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Bets ran off and then came back, her face rather frightened. “Fatty, the turnstile man is coming up the hill. He’s nearly here. Put the trap-door back, quickly!” Ern and Fatty lifted the trap-door into place and then put the heavy cauldron over it. They were still kneeling down by the fireplace when the turnstile man came in, munching an apple. He gave an angry shout when he saw them. “Quick - pretend we’ve dropped a shilling,” said Fatty, in a low, urgent voice. “Look for it, all of you - in

the hearth and on the carpet too - quick!” So, when the puzzled turnstile man ran up, they were all apparently hunting feverishly for a lost shilling! “_Must_ find it!” Fatty was saying. “Simply must. A shilling is a shilling. Where on earth did it go? Is that it over there, Bets?” “Oh, so you’ve dropped some money, have you?” said the man. “Sure that’s all you’re up to? Let me have a look!” And down he dropped on hands and knees too. He gave a sudden shout, and picked something up. “I’ve got

surprise, no clatter of running feet - nothing! The place must be completely empty. Well, thank goodness for that! Fatty climbed out of the trap-door hole and looked round. The place seemed absolutely deserted. Well, now they could examine the pictures to their heart’s content - and maybe solve the mystery of the missing boat! One by one he hauled the others up from the hole in the hearth. The dogs were handed up last of all by Ern, and were very glad to scurry around and stretch their legs

find the others and tell them what we’ve found. Let’s see - they had to escape down that underground passage in the hill - and find their bikes - and then ride home.” “Well, unless they stopped on the way to have ice-creams or something, they will be home before us,” said Ern. “They’d hardly stop for ice-creams when they knew we were in trouble!” said Fatty. “No, I forgot that,” said Ern. “Come on - let’s go downstairs, slip out of the front door with the dogs, and run down the hill to where

to tidy the playroom when we plan to go out?” he demanded. “I really do think it’s…” “Enough said,” said his father, from behind his newspaper, and Pip became silent at once. He looked across at Bets, and she grinned at him happily. Fatty was coming back! Fatty with his wide grin, his twinkling eyes, his mad jokes - and his extraordinary habit of suddenly finding himself in the middle of peculiar mysteries! Oh the time they had had with Fatty - the excitement - the adventures! Why was it that

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