The Fog Boggarts (Sophie and the Shadow Woods, Book 4)

The Fog Boggarts (Sophie and the Shadow Woods, Book 4)

Linda Chapman, Lee Weatherly

Language: English

Pages: 32

ISBN: B01N912B9Q

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The fourth action-packed quest in an exciting six book character-led series for 7+ girls who love fantasy, adventure, and high-kicking heroines!Very few people ever enter the Shadow Woods, for these woods are like no others. Hidden deep within them is the Gateway to the Shadow Realm – a dark and chaotic world where all kinds of gruesome creatures live…On her tenth birthday, tomboy Sophie learns she is the Guardian of the magical gateway, and that her destiny is to protect the human world from the goblins, trolls and evil sprites that inhabit the Shadow Woods.Each book sees Sophie having to outwit weird and terrifying creatures from the Shadow Woods, and in this fourth action-packed adventure, we meet the stinky Fog Boggarts!

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Sophie saw the wire hanging down from the wind turbine, and remembered what Sam had told her to do. She quickly connected the wire to the battery and looked pleadingly at the motionless blades. Work, please work, she prayed. For a moment nothing happened… and then slowly the blades began to turn. Faster and faster they went until they were whooshing round, creating a fierce wind that blew Sophie’s fringe back from her face and made her trousers and sweatshirt flap. “Yes!” she cried. The wind

his cunning eyes suddenly alight. “Where is it?” “Here, Your Great Majestical Ugness.” Potato Nose held out the metal key. “The Fog Boggarts dropped it when they dissolved in the sun.” King Ug swept the key out of his hands. “The precious key!” He held it close to his chest. “It shall open the gateway yet.” “Um, King Ug…” Big Feet raised his hand cautiously. “I’ve got an idea of who we can ask to help us get one of the last two hidden gems.” “An idea?” King Ug looked as if Big Feet had just

out of the back door. But their mood grew more serious as they gazed at the dark woods at the bottom of Sophie’s garden. “You’re really sure about this plan of going into the Shadow Woods to explore?” Sam questioned. Sophie nodded. “Yes! We haven’t seen any shadow creatures all week and I bet King Ug’s planning something. He’s not going to give up on finding the three remaining gems. If we go into the woods we might discover what he’s up to. Of course, you don’t have to come with me,” she

Sophie had ever seen. “Whoa!” Sam said, stumbling backwards. With a growl, the fog-thing charged straight at them! Sophie reacted with superspeed, grabbing Sam out of the way just in time. The creature shot past, swung round in the cave entrance and faced them again. “Leave us alone!” said Sophie fiercely, standing in front of Sam. “I’m Sophie Smith. I’m the Guardian!” “So?” the creature snarled. “Fog Boggarts are not scared of anyone!” It lunged at them again. Sophie spun round, her foot

started to answer, and then saw something in the book that made her heart skip. “Hey, look!” She pointed to a page on Puffball Pixies. “There’s a clue here! It’s for the blue gem!” “What does it say?” asked Sam, peering over her shoulder. Sophie quickly read the clue out: “Between the hours of nine And three fifteen, The blue gem’s there But can’t be seen, Behind a locked door Where playtime dwells. Search in a corner Search very well.” Sophie, Sam and Grandpa all looked at each

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