The Cut-throat Celts (Horrible Histories)

The Cut-throat Celts (Horrible Histories)

Terry Deary

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 059013972X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The ghastly truth about the wild warrior race who weren't afraid to fight the Romans. The book includes stories about suffering saints, gruesome games for Celtic kids, and the dreadful Druids with their strange sacrifices and terrible trials.

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remember … it could be some poor cursed girl! True tale of terror Eponina’s wish had been to go to the Otherworld with her husband. She got her wish and they were executed that very day. Brave Celtic woman? Or a waste of a good life? What would you have done? Cut-throat women Some German tribes were closely related to the Celts. The Cimbrian holy women were a tough and bloodthirsty lot… You’ll notice the women do not foretell the ‘result’ … they foretell the ‘victory’. In other words they

round him, bloody side next to him. As he slept he experienced dreams that answered his questions or solved his people’s problems – problems like, ‘How do you get blood stains out of a Druid’s best robe?’ 8 Druids were also fortune-tellers who said they could see into the future. What would you do if you could see into the future? Become a fortune-teller and make your fortune? Or simply pick next Saturday’s winning lottery numbers – every week for a year? It’s easy. All you have to do is follow

in bed and watched television. Saint Olcan That’s Ol-can … not Oil-can. Olcan’s father died before he was born – the shock killed his mother who also died before he was born. She was buried and THEN Olcan was born. A passing nobleman heard baby Olcan crying, dug him up and saved his life. Don’t try this in your local cemetery – body-snatching is a grave offence. Saint Ronan Cornish monk Saint Ronan had a pretty rough life after he was dead. His body was loaded onto a wagon and the oxen

saw doesn’t cut circles,’ he grumbled. ‘It only cuts straight lines!’ But, when Arthur told him his sword could cut a straight line across the man’s throat, the carpenter went off and made one. It was a bit wobbly on its legs but it did the job. That first feast night they had just eaten a couple of pigs and a deer when a servant rushed in with the bad news. ‘Oh, my lords!’ he cried. ‘A terrible plague has swept the country and is killing the peasants. They’re dropping like flies!’ ‘Well, I’m

rather like Little Red Riding Hood is a warning not to talk to strange wolves in the wood. Here are some of the other stories that Celts went into battle believing… 1 The Celts had Battle Furies to help them in war. These war-goddesses weren’t actually fighters – more, frighters. The Nemhain (Frenzy), a charming goddess, had a powerful voice (like a dinner-lady telling you to line up properly). She shrieked at the Connacht army in Ulster and a hundred soldiers dropped dead with fright. 2 The

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