The Black Stallion's Courage

The Black Stallion's Courage

Walter Farley

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 0394839188

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When Hopeful Farm burns down, Alec’s dreams for the future go up in smoke. How can he get the money to rebuild? To make matters worse, a strong young colt named Eclipse has taken the racing world by storm, threatening to replace the Black in the hearts of racing fans. Against all odds, Alec sets out to save the farm and prove that the Black is still the greatest race horse of all time!
“Everyone loves a champion. And when the champion is a gallant horse, when his story is told by a champion writer of horse stories, every reader is a winner.”—The New York Times

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foaling men like me.” “Only because your father was the greatest of all teachers,” Alec said, unable to control himself any longer. “Everybody knows that. But I don’t think you ever listened to him, Snappy. If you had you wouldn’t be sitting here smoking a pipe when Miz Liz is about to foal! So you’re not good enough for our farm any longer. You’re fired, Snappy. Now get out of here and stay out!” He reached for the man’s arm. Snappy rose and towered above Alec, the pipe smoke curling about his

track. Henry said, “Go to it, Alec. I’ll be waiting at the other end.” It wasn’t necessary for the starter’s ground crew to assist Alec in getting the Black into the gate. The stallion went eagerly into the number 3 stall, jumping the shadow cast by the closed wire-mesh flaps in front. The others went quickly inside too. After the accident and the resultant delay in getting to the post, the starter wanted to get the horses off fast. Alec straightened the Black’s head. “Now, boy,” he said. “We

didn’t undestand that part of it. He just knew that he had Wintertime as sharp as he could get him and that was razor sharp. He figured, too, that over the Belmont distance of a mile and a half his colt had the stamina to pull ahead of the filly. Actually he wasn’t worried about beating her. There was only one horse to beat in the stretch run and that was Eclipse. Everybody knew that—everybody. THE BELMONT 13 There were two television sets upstairs in the jockey’s room at Belmont Park,

breathing hard at all. An early-morning crowd followed him to the barn. The Old One nodded his uncovered white head. Yes, he was right about Casey. At least he was pretty sure he was right. Oh, he could have put a little more weight on him than he had. But if he’d done so, he would have had to raise the Black even higher. That would’ve been too much to ask of any horse. The wisest solution was what he’d done, drop Eclipse to 116 pounds. That would bring Eclipse and Casey down to the wire

the button and the “Race of the Century” was on! Casey had a jump on them, Alec saw as he turned the Black loose. Another jump and Casey was clear of trouble with nothing to fear from either Eclipse or the Black. Alec made no attempt to go after him. Without hurrying the Black he waited for him to settle in stride. Eclipse was being sent after Casey, Robinson’s face showing his surprise at Mike Costello’s determination to stay in front. Alec too was surprised when Mike went for his whip,

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