The Black Stallion's Blood Bay Colt: (Reissue)

The Black Stallion's Blood Bay Colt: (Reissue)

Walter Farley

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 0679813470

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

He had his mother's champion bloodlines and his father's fiery spirit!

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saw Tom go to the colt and kneel before him. After a while, he saw Tom raise the halter. “He’s goin’ to have trouble,” Uncle Wilmer mumbled. “He shoulda let me hold him. I could still do it, all right.” But Tom didn’t raise the halter directly to the colt’s head. Instead, Uncle Wilmer saw him run the halter over the colt’s body as he handled him. After a long while, Tom moved the halter to the front of the colt, and Uncle Wilmer saw the colt reach for it, attempting to pull it from the boy’s

uncle. “You hear that? He’s coming to Reading!” Uncle Wilmer nodded his head vigorously. “I entered Symbol in a race on Thursday; that’s the day we’ll get there,” Jimmy wrote. Tom stopped reading again to shout, “Thursday, that’s our day!” “We’ll be there Thursday, all right,” Uncle Wilmer said. Tom turned back to the letter and continued reading aloud: “We’ll go back to Coronet on Friday, and you can come back with us, if you want to—” “What’s he mean, ‘if you want to’?” Uncle Wilmer

all see,” he added quietly. “What’s inside of him is another story, and that is most important. The will and drive to win is what I hope he has.” “He’ll have it, Jimmy,” Tom said eagerly. “You should see him in the pasture. He’ll go from morning to night. Why, he’ll …” And for the next hour and a half all three stood there, listening to Tom give an account of his colt and watching him while he played about the paddock. It came to an end only by Aunt Emma’s shattering call to come to supper. To

stallion, Mr. Guy. Mr. Guy had been a famous racehorse ten years ago, and Miss Elsie wanted to breed and raise another like him. But with all her money, she hadn’t done it yet. Every year she would sell her two-year-old colts, knowing that in them she didn’t have another Mr. Guy. She’d been right, too, for no colts she’d sold ever had become as fast and as famous as Mr. Guy. Miss Elsie knew her horses, all right; everyone was agreed on that. And they all liked Miss Elsie, for she was one of

AND PRINCESS GUY 18 At Reading, it was like coming home for Tom. It was the fair he knew best, and a warm, homey feeling glowed within him while he walked the tree-lined avenues. In the same barns and buildings were the same sleek brown-and-white Herefords, the black-and-white Holsteins, the short-necked coal-black Angus steers—all mooing or bellowing as they had done at previous fairs. And there were the goats and the pigs, the chickens and the roosters, the giant Percheron horses—all

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