The Berenstain Bears Accept No Substitutes

The Berenstain Bears Accept No Substitutes

Stan Berenstain, Jan Berenstain

Language: English

Pages: 112

ISBN: 0679840354

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Illus. in black-and-white. Even Brother falls into the temptation of torturing substitute teacher Grizella Brown. Then the pranks turn ugly, and Brother finds himself headed for big trouble.  

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Sometimes, when Brother stood up to Too-Tall, Too-Tall seemed to admire him. But Too-Tall had never really seemed to like Brother. Now that Brother was part of Operation Substitute, Too-Tall was treating him like a friend. That made Brother feel good. “Quiet now, cubs. It’s time for math,” said Ms. Barr in a friendly voice. She walked to the blackboard and started doing a long-division problem. When she was about halfway done, Too-Tall let out a loud cough. Ms. Barr stopped writing and turned

Barr won’t go to Grizzmeyer. I know her type. She wants to take care of it herself. Reporting us to Grizzmeyer would be a defeat.” “Then let’s go for it!” cried Barry Bruin. “That’s the spirit,” said Too-Tall. “But the frog isn’t enough. We need more.” Freddy thought. He didn’t want to be outdone by Brother. “How about frog calls?” he said. “When Brother puts the frog on Ms. Barr’s desk, we could all do frog calls.” Too-Tall turned proudly to his gang. “What did I tell ya, fellas? The boy’s a

was pretty clear that most members of the class were good, well-behaved cubs. And it was just as clear that Too-Tall and his gang were big behavior problems. Ms. Barr began making a plan. She figured that if she could get the good cubs interested in a subject, the bad apples—Too-Tall and his gang—might settle back down to the bottom of the barrel. History was the first lesson after lunch. History was Ms. Barr’s favorite subject. It had been her major in college. She had even shot a terrific

video of Great Grizzly National Park, Bear Country’s most historic area. After lunch Ms. Barr told the class that she had a real treat for them. The next day she would show them her video. Ms. Barr knew that the cubs would be looking forward to the video all day. She hoped this would help them behave themselves. She made the video sound really interesting. She said it showed the log cabins at Grizzly Forge. That was where long, long ago, Bear Country’s soldiers spent a very hard winter. Then

explode he did. “That’s a disgrace!” he yelled. “I’ve never heard of worse behavior in school! Brother must be punished. He’s grounded for a week! A month! A year!” “For life,” said Brother, under his breath. Mama raised a hand. “Now just a minute, Papa,” she said. “It seems to me that Ms. Barr must have had a good reason for not punishing Brother herself. I think it probably was because she knows that Brother’s behavior record is one of the best in Bear Country School. I think she knew that

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