The Art of Cars 2

The Art of Cars 2

Ben Queen

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 0811878910

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Presents storyboards, digital and pencil sketches, and character studies from the animated film ''Cars 2.''
Title: The Art of Cars 2
Author: Queen, Ben/ Paik, Karen (CON)/ Lasseter, John (FRW)
Publisher: Chronicle Books Llc
Publication Date: 2011/06/22
Number of Pages: 160
Binding Type: HARDCOVER
Library of Congress: bl2011017750

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a coterie of comparably bad (mechanically and otherwise) cars to do his dirty work. Though this character was ultimately put aside in favor of another evildoer, his sidekicks were kept on as the Lemons. “It’s interesting how early ideas that are good will find their way back into the story and actually serve to solve a new problem,” says Jessup. “It’s a phenomenon that happens many times on every Pixar film; it’s like the idea’s time has finally come. For example, we visited the incredible

literally took Radiator Springs off the map, the arrival of Lightning McQueen announced its return to its former glory. The art and story departments, similarly, had to reenvision the “cutest little town in Carburetor County” as a rediscovered tourist stop. And with such time and attention paid to expanding the Cars world, Mater and McQueen’s hometown needed to be a warm, comforting home base that the story could launch itself from and return to at the end. “It’s been five years since we were in

2009. Storyboard, Scott Morse, Digital, 2010. Storyboard, Bobby Rubio, Digital, 2010. Grant Alexander, Digital, 2010. Lighting Study, Sharon Calahan, Digital paint over set render, 2010. COMBAT SHIP Kristian Norelius, Pencil/Digital, 2010. Kristian Norelius, Pencil/Digital, 2010. Kristian Norelius, Pencil/Digital, 2010. Kristian Norelius, Pencil/Digital, 2010. Storyboards, Bill Presing, Alex Woo, Kevin O’Brien, Scott Morse, Andy Jimenez, Digital, 2010. Kristian Norelius,

render, 2010. I believe there are three things you have to do to make a good film: you need to tell a compelling story with appealing characters set in a believable world. When you’re making a sequel, the rules for two of those three, the characters and the world, are set for you; your main job is to tell a great new story. This challenge can’t be under-estimated—coming up with the right story is the hardest thing about making movies. But for me, it’s a special pleasure. It takes four years to

Pencil/Digital, 2009. Jay Shuster, Digital, 2009. Although Walt Disney once famously claimed to “resent the limitations of [his] own imagination,” he also knew that when it comes to the creation of the world of each film, the sky can’t be your only boundary. The Cars 2 team kept this in mind from the beginning, especially when creating the character of British spy Finn McMissile. Lasseter says, “It is so important to establish what he can do early on and set your limitations. You need to

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