The Architect's Handbook of Professional Practice

The Architect's Handbook of Professional Practice

Language: English

Pages: 1184

ISBN: 1118308824

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Authored by The American Institute of Architects (AIA), this guide is the updated architecture profession's standard on practice issues. This indispensable resource covers all aspects of architectural practice, including legal, financial, marketing, management, and administrative issues. Content is significantly revised to reflect the changing nature of the business of architecture related to the impact of integrated practice. An accompanying web site contains samples of the latest AIA Contract Documents in PDF format.

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decisions the owner has to make is the type of business to create. The business type that is best suited for the firm’s situation and objectives may vary by firm size or specialization. Liability protection and tax concerns may also play a major role in this decision. According to the Internal Revenue Service, 70 percent of all businesses start out as sole proprietorships, since they are relatively easy to start and give the owner discretion to make decisions. On the downside, these firms have

requirements. H OW H AS YOUR F IR M S UPPORTED YOU A S AN INTER N? In the most fundamental sense, RPA has invested in and prioritized my learning experience. Rather than simply building on the skills I developed in architecture school, the firm has trained me in areas that were completely new to me— challenging me beyond the scope of digital design, and inviting me to learn about the intricacies and complexities of project management, construction science, and business leadership. RPA allowed me

as of 2012 but is subject to change, since the exam is in a continual state of development. For the most current information about the ARE, contact NCARB or visit its website. Format and Focus of the Examination HIS T O RY OF A R C H I T E C T U R E E X A M IN AT ION Licensure examinations weren’t always standardized across states and jurisdictions. Previously, each registration board prepared its own test specifications and questions, and set its own passing standards. Because the examination

or segments of the profession. Although it might be initially daunting, finding the right fit and becoming engaged is very rewarding. In defining the various types of organizations, the purpose is not to singularly categorize or silo them, but to help draw distinctions between the inherent missions that set them apart so individuals can find the groups that are right for them based on their own interest or what they may be looking to get out of their involvement. In many cases an organization

Dallas Center for Architecture Public Architecture Green Building Initiative (GBI) U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) 102 Career Development Professional development will happen within these organizations as well, but the organizations are almost always centered on external programs with the goal of promoting awareness or building support for their cause. The AAF and the local architectural foundations will offer speaking programs, seminars, tours, and even honors and awards to recognize

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