Soccer Shootout (Jake Maddox Sports Stories)

Soccer Shootout (Jake Maddox Sports Stories)

Jake Maddox

Language: English

Pages: 72

ISBN: 1598898965

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Berk always plays goalie for his soccer team. But when a new kid, Ryan, moves to town, Berk has to play an unfamiliar position. Ryan may have incredible talent, but he’s also wildly unpredictable. Can the team survive the season?

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basketball in the winter, and Peter played hockey. But for both boys, these other sports were just to keep in shape. Soccer was their favorite sport. When spring finally came and the snow began to melt, the boys began to start thinking even more about soccer. Springtime meant tryouts and the start of another season. It would be a chance for the boys to defend their state championship with the Titans. Berk and Peter practiced indoors as much as they could. They would go to the gym after

better at many of the technical parts of the game. He made good decisions on when to come out of the goal to challenge a shooter or to pick up a loose ball. He always seemed to be in the right place at the right time. When shots were taken on him, Berk made solid saves and controlled the rebounds. Ryan was a little wilder in the goal. He took unnecessary chances, coming out of the net to challenge a player when it would have been smarter to stay back. He often found himself out of place. But

dropped the ball perfectly in front of the net. One of the Titans’ defenders missed a chance to clear it, and a Cosmos player got a direct shot on goal. Berk dove and stopped it, but the rebound went right to another player, who put it in the goal. Berk felt horrible, but the goal wasn’t really his fault. The rest of the game was close, but neither team had a great chance to score. When the game ended in a tie, 1–1, it meant that a shootout would decide the winner. Each team selected five

Before the Titans’ first game of the season, Coach Davis gathered the players around for a pep talk. “Well, boys, we’re ready for another great season,” he began. “Last year, we won the state tournament. I know some things are different this year, but I think we can do it again. And we have a new opportunity this year. Whoever wins the state title this year will be invited to play in a national tournament!” Now the players were pumped. They couldn’t wait to get on the field. When the game

fundamentals (fuhn-duh-MEN-tuhlz)—basic and necessary skills gloat (GLOHT)—to show happiness that someone else has failed penalty kick (PEN-uhl-tee KIK)—in soccer, an extra shot awarded against a team that has committed an offense position (puh-ZISH-uhn)—the role assigned to a player rebound (REE-bound)—to bounce the ball back into play scrimmage (SKRIM-ij)—a game played for practice More About Soccer Positions A soccer team is made up of eleven players: forwards, midfielders, defenders,

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