Sea Horses: The Talisman: The Talisman

Sea Horses: The Talisman: The Talisman

Louise Cooper

Language: English

Pages: 192


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Continuing the story in which Tamzin Weston and her guardian pony Moonlight confront the evil spirit of the Grey Horse. Tamzin and her new friend Marga are preparing for the pony Fun Day. But there's something suspicious about Marga and her pony Lossie. First Marga takes Tamzin's protective blue talisman. Then Marga schemes so that Tamzin has to ride Lossie in the parade. Lossie bolts and heads for the cliffs with Tamzin clinging on. She almost falls over the edge but Moonlight rescues her just in time. Marga and Lossie suddenly disappear into thin air. They are agents of the Grey Horse and, according to legend, Tamzin knows he'll be back for her...

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up like clawing hands. Nan put the car in reverse and started to go carefully backwards. There was a turning a short way back; she reversed into it, turned the car around and stopped again on the grass verge. ‘Tamzin, have you got your mobile?’ she asked. ‘Y-yes.’ Tamzin’s voice shook. ‘Then ring the police, will you, and tell them what’s happened. I don’t suppose anyone else will come along now, but you never know.’ Tamzin nodded, glad of something practical to do, and dialled 999. The police

Richards, ‘Lossie – it’s a strange name for a horse, but I keep thinking I’ve heard it somewhere before.’ ‘Yes, I thought that too. I must ask Marga sometime.’ Mrs Richards smiled. ‘Maybe it’s from the old Cornish language?’ Nan’s spine prickled suddenly. Lossie… and what if Marga wasn’t short for Margaret, but meant something else? Not in English, but in Cornish, like the words that had been carved on the Grey Horse figurine. Gweetho An Men Mar… Guard This Stone… Nan had started to learn

heather as she passed out. The stable yard was a scene of confusion. There seemed to be horses and people everywhere. Tamzin’s pursuers had come back on their winded mounts, while other riders were getting ready to join the search party hastily organized by Mr and Mrs Richards. Torches flickered in the increasing gloom, and within a few more minutes the police would arrive to add to the hubbub. Nan saw Joel and ran to intercept him. ‘Joel! Joel, I’ve got to talk to you!’ Joel stopped. ‘Mrs

searching for the runaway horse and also for Marga. They hoped Tamzin could tell them where Marga lived and who her family were. Joel had given them her mobile phone number but he must have written it down wrongly, they said, because that number did not exist. Tamzin could have told them that Marga and Lossie did not exist, either; at least, not in the way that they meant. But of course they would not have believed her, so she simply repeated the story that Marga had told her. While Tamzin

her tone. ‘And I suppose, strictly speaking, he’s a horse rather than a pony. He’s nearly fifteen hands. Is there somewhere I can tie him up?’ Tamzin snapped properly back to earth. ‘Oh – yes, of course. Bring him over to the stables; there are rings in the wall.’ For all his dramatic looks Lossie seemed very placid, and followed meekly as Marga led him across the yard. Some of the Richards’ horses were looking at the stranger with great interest over their loose-box doors; one whinnied, and

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