Re/Search 6/7: Industrial Culture Handbook

Re/Search 6/7: Industrial Culture Handbook

Language: English

Pages: 140

ISBN: 0965046966

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Patronizing the Arts

Art Deco (Temporis Collection)

Arte y belleza en la estética medieval

To Have And To Hold: An Intimate History Of Collectors and Collecting











.. , - •••• t' ~ ..... '. . '.. .". '". '.- '.: 27 .... :,,".. .,' . '""~' .. , R/S: R/S: MARK: Reactionary! Mind show? MARK: When I first went there to put up posters, G. Gordon Liddy was walking towards me and I looked at What about the organic robots? That's just another phase. Dead animalsthings that are dead-make people feel funny. Then I thought, Well if things that are dead make people feel funny, then what are people going to think if they see things that are

a thriving industrial site where they made scaffolds for the Bay Bridge-it's just gone downhill from there .... I like to live by myself; I have to have my own place. (Matty comes in with a flamethrower and demonstrates it.) I made the cylinder and the tank; he made the electronics. RlS: If you could make a model thar was about 1/4 that size and sell ir to the women's movementMARK: We were thinking about marketing it: Burn your attackers beyond recognition! R/S: I'd feel really safe if I had one

Cadillac lot, 1000 Van Ness Av). Eleven minutes of hellish fury are unleashed on Ch 4's SFO with Steve Jamison. Estimated viewers 500,000. With special guest Monte Cazazza on exploding dart machine, soundtrack by Factrix. Videotape available. REFERENCE - AN UNFORTUNATE SPECTACLE OF VIOLENT SELF-DESTRUCTION (Saturday. Sept 6. 1981/8:30pm. Parking lot at Folsom/2nd Sts). Most complex and dangerous show staged to date. in which a wide variety of equipment (organic robots, dart guns. laser-aimed

each other the sound seems to have a bite that appeals to the ear. R/S: Did he modify existing instruments? NON: They took apart a xylophone and reconstructed it so they could do a perfect glissando on it. Ordinarily all the notes on a xylophone are like all the cate, weird, primitive instruments. He said they didn't like to travel anyway, because all the guys were in love with Hawaii-the beach and everything. You know, playing in Detroit when it was snowing?! R/S: What instruments does he use

trance rituals this absolutely insane character who'd got it in his mind that his brother had fucked his wife. And his regularly. Z'EV: Yes. but number one- there would be extreme brother wouldn't admit it; he said, "I'm not going to amounts of conjurations, before. during and after his answer you, it's a stupid question." That fed de Niro. big rallies. Number two, he was using his hands- the who was saying, "Well ifyou're not going to answer me people did not spontaneously arrive at it, it was a

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