Poppy Muddlepup's Daring Rescue (Magic Animal Friends: Special Edition)

Poppy Muddlepup's Daring Rescue (Magic Animal Friends: Special Edition)

Daisy Meadows

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0545907500

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Best friends Jess and Lily visit Friendship Forest, where animals can talk and magic exists!

Jess and Lily love making friends with Poppy Muddlepup and her twin brother, Patch! But when Grizelda puts a spell on Patch, can Poppy and the girls find the ingredients they need to save him? Find out in this Magic Animal Friends special edition!

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Contents Title Page Dedication Map of Friendship Forest Epigraph Story One: A Tiny Feather CHAPTER ONE: A Runaway Dog CHAPTER TWO: The Flower Festival CHAPTER THREE: Grizelda’s Back! CHAPTER FOUR: Mrs. Taptree’s Library CHAPTER FIVE: Honey Needlenose Story Two: Jewel Water CHAPTER ONE: A Mysterious Girl CHAPTER TWO: A Thorny Trick CHAPTER THREE: Desperate for Help CHAPTER FOUR: Bottle Blooms CHAPTER FIVE: The Treasure Tree Story Three: Sunrise Berries CHAPTER ONE: A Ride to the

lifted the nest-box lid. The chicks were snuggled together, fast asleep. “Aww, they’re just like Dig and Tipper,” said Lily. “But quieter!” giggled Jess. In the kitchen, Mrs. Hart passed them steaming mugs of hot chocolate with pink marshmallows. “You’ll never guess what I just saw,” she said. “Ollie was walking his dog, and a beautiful golden cat walked right alongside it, almost like they were friends!” Lily and Jess shared a secret smile. That golden cat was their friend, too. Their

released back into the wild. “We just rescued some baby woodpeckers!” Lily said, taking Jess past the barn to a new aviary. It was a special enclosure, with room for birds to fly around inside. Mr. Hart was filling a nest box with wood chips, and Mrs. Hart was crouched inside the aviary with a big basket. She blew a strand of dark hair away from her eyes and grinned at them. “Hello, you two. These woodpecker chicks have hatched very late in the year. We’re taking care of them until they’re

watch them for a bit, Dad?” asked Lily. “We’ll be very quiet.” “Of course,” he replied. “Pop the lid back on when you’re done. We don’t want them getting snowed on!” He waved good-bye as he followed Mrs. Hart back to the house. The chicks used their long, pointed beaks to poke about in the wood chips. “They’re trying to make a cozy hole to sit in,” said Lily. “Aren’t they sweet?” Suddenly, Jess heard barking. “It sounds like there’s a dog in the road,” she said. “I wonder who it belongs to?”

ingredient!” Lily cried. “Good job, Poppy!” She turned to the mouse family. “Thank you, Twinkletails. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your sharp teeth—and Nifty’s tail!” The little mice scampered around their feet, squeaking happily. Once they had recovered from their excitement, Jess said, “We have to take the water to Patch. But we don’t have a bucket. How can we carry it?” Poppy’s tail started wagging. “Bottle blooms!” she cried, and began searching inside her flower bag. She pulled

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