Patches (The Puppy Place, No. 8)

Patches (The Puppy Place, No. 8)

Ellen Miles

Language: English

Pages: 80

ISBN: 0439874130

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Welcome to the Puppy Place--where every puppy finds a home!

Charles and Lizzie Peterson love puppies. They have a puppy of their own named Buddy, but they also foster dogs that need help finding new homes.

Charles and his friend Sammy are on their way home from school one day when they hear a puppy crying. His name is Patches, and he's tied up in a garage all by himself. His owners seem to care ABOUT Patches, but they don't know how to care FOR him. And it's up to Charles and Lizzie to show them!

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this cute little guy doing out here all by himself? “Charles! What are you up to?” Sammy was still standing on the porch. “He needs help!” The puppy was tied to a long rope. And the rope was tangled around a bicycle, a lawn mower, and a snowblower. The puppy could barely move! There was a bowl of water by the door, but the puppy couldn’t get to it. Before Charles untangled the rope, he reached out a hand for the puppy to smell. “You can trust me, little pup,” he said softly. “Okay?” Lizzie,

house,” Sammy added. Ms. Dobbins raised her eyebrows. “Haunted house?” Then she laughed. “Oh, I know exactly which house you mean. The old Turner place. It’s been abandoned for years.” She made a note on her form. “Okay, now we know where. So, tell me what. What did you see?” Charles and Sammy described the howling they’d heard, and how they thought it was a ghost, and how they had discovered Patches all tangled up in his leash. Ms. Dobbins kept nodding and saying, “I see,” and “uh-huh,” as

hear that this house is haunted?” Noelle laughed. “Sure I heard. They say that about every abandoned house. I’m used to it. And anyway, I don’t believe in ghosts, so it doesn’t scare me at all.” Charles liked that. He decided then and there that he didn’t believe in ghosts, either. “We thought there might be a ghost,” Sammy said. “But the howling we heard turned out to be —” “That adorable little beagle next door!” Noelle nodded. “I know. The poor little guy is so sad and lonely. I can’t

right up when he saw them. His little tail wagged so hard that his whole body seemed to wag. He licked Charles’s face and Sammy’s hand and Lizzie’s toes. Then he tried to climb into Lizzie’s lap, even though she was standing up! Lizzie giggled. “He’s adorable.” “He’s smart, too,” Charles told her. “I already taught him how to sit. Watch!” He turned to Patches. “Patches, sit!” Hooraaay! hooooray! You came to playyyyy! Instead of sitting, Patches spun around in a circle, howling joyfully.

him. He was such a little guy, the runt of his litter.” “So was Buddy!” Charles couldn’t believe it. Buddy jumped up when he heard his name. What? Are we going somewhere? “No kidding!” said Mr. Stevens. “He sure looks healthy now.” He chucked Buddy under the chin. “Hey there, little guy.” Charles couldn’t believe it. Mr. Stevens was turning out to be a nice person! “Buddy is a lucky puppy,” said Mr. Stevens. “I can tell he gets lots of attention from you.” Charles wasn’t sure what to say.

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