Mutley (The Puppy Place, Book 20)

Mutley (The Puppy Place, Book 20)

Ellen Miles

Language: English

Pages: 30

ISBN: 2:00276377

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Welcome to the Puppy Place--where every puppy finds a home!

Charles and Lizzie Peterson love puppies. Their family fosters dogs that are in need of a permanent home. At first, Muttley the mutt seems wild and untrainable but he quickly becomes a hero when he smells smoke in the Peterson's house and rescues the family.

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by the time the ceremony was over, she would decide to adopt Muttley. “Hey, Lizzie,” someone said, and Lizzie turned to see Daphne and Brianna. “That was a pretty cool article in the paper,” said Daphne. Lizzie could tell it wasn’t easy for Daphne to give compliments. “Thanks,” she said. Now maybe it was time to for her to give Daphne a compliment. After all, even if she was a pain, she had been really good with the animals at Caring Paws. Daphne was a mix, too. “Who knows?” Lizzie said. “If we

much Muttley and Jimmy already love each other.” “Can you believe it, Lizzie?” Now Jimmy was on his knees with his arms around Muttley. “Muttley’s going to be my very own dog.” Once again, Lizzie had to wipe her eyes. There was no question in her mind: Muttley had found the perfect forever home. PUPPY TIPS Muttley might seem lazy, but he is also alert and caring. Like all dogs, he has his own personality. Some of a dog’s personality comes from his breed: Most German shepherds like to take

inch of the place by heart. It was fun to give a tour, especially because Maria had come along, too. “And this is the cat room,” Lizzie said now, as she stopped in front of a big picture window. “Duh,” said Daphne. She nudged Brianna. Brianna giggled. “Like I couldn’t have figured that out for myself,” Daphne added in a whisper. Lizzie glared at Daphne. Okay, so maybe it was kind of obvious. They were standing in a hallway of an animal shelter, looking through a window at a roomful of cats:

room. She sat down next to him and stroked his floppy ears. Muttley stretched out his legs and sighed happily. Aaah, that feels good. “That seems to be his favorite spot lately,” said Dad, coming up the stairs. “I noticed that he came up to check on the Bean yesterday at nap-time. Then he slept outside the door, as if he was guarding him. I guess he’s just in the habit now, even though the Bean is at day care today.” “That’s sweet,” said Lizzie. “What a good boy. He’s a sleepy little hound,

dumb Daphne Drake said I was a bossy know-it-all,” she said. “That wasn’t very nice,” said Mom. “But maybe she didn’t mean it the way it came out. Maybe Daphne is just a little envious of how much you know about animals.” “I never thought of that,” said Lizzie. “But, Mom, do you think I’m bossy sometimes?” For a second, Mom didn’t say anything. “Mom?” asked Lizzie. “Sometimes, yes,” Mom finally said. “You do have a way of ordering people around — your brothers, for example. But you are also

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