Manga Mania Bishoujo

Manga Mania Bishoujo

Christopher Hart

Language: English

Pages: 144


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This books shows aspiring artists exactly how to handle anatomy and muscles, hands and nails, seductive outfits, extreme hairstyles, body language and facial expressions -- everything you need to draw these powerful women of fantasy.

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elfin, her eyes are more horizontally shaped than other bishoujo characters. CREATING CHEMISTRY When you create an attractive female lead character, readers expect that sparks will fly between her and a story’s leading man. There should be romantic tension, giving the story an underlying edge and a subtext to a lot of the dialogue. Comic books are primarily a visual medium, and so this magnetic attraction must be effectively communicated by your drawings. How do you show something that is just

manga characters have a subdued look that makes them alluring. But when they react, they do so with big emotions. There are no wallflowers in manga! A character won’t lose her femininity when she has a big outburst of emotion, so long as she returns to her softer side once the moment of agitation subsides. FROWNING JOYFUL UNHAPPY CONTENT FRUSTRATED GOOFY ANGER SHOCK RAGE PROTEST RIDICULING DEVILISH The Head in Four Ridiculosly Simple Steps The outline of the head should be simple

Creating Chemistry CLOSING THE DISTANCE EYE CONTACT EYE CONTACT AND CHARACTER POSITIONING TOUCHING THE KISS Magical Girl Special Effects COOL MAGIC EFFECTS MANIPULATING NATURAL FORCES USING AN ENERGY RING CREATING MATTER MAKING STORMS MAKING FIRE MAGIC BURSTS Index INTRODUCTION I’m very excited to introduce you to what I believe is, by far, the most comprehensive, authentic and eye-catching book on bishoujo—an incredibly popular genre of manga. Bishoujo is a Japanese term that

in front of it. When the body is turned, perspective comes into play. The near leg will, therefore, appear longer than the far one. Side View In the side view, the chest tilts up slightly while the hips tilt down slightly, as indicated by the horizontal guidelines. These two forces combine to create an attractive curve in the small of her back. Also observe the shoulder socket: it should fall within the oval of the chest area. And here’s one more item to keep in mind: even though it’s only

pose. Don’t position the hips square; they must be tilted unevenly if they are to be attractive. You can also push the hip area forward, which causes the figure to lean back and the breasts to rise up slightly. SHIFTING THE LEG Simply moving a leg further to one side dramatically improves a pose. When you do this, it’s not just the legs that are affected. The entire body adjusts, like a set of dominoes falling into place. Look at the line of the hips and shoulders: the hips appear curvier and

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