Lulu and the Duck in the Park

Lulu and the Duck in the Park

Hilary McKay

Language: English

Pages: 112

ISBN: 080754809X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When Lulu finds a duck egg that has rolled out of its nest, she takes it to class to keep it safe. Lulu isn't allowed to bring pets to school. But she's not really breaking the rules because it's just an egg. Surely nothing bad will happen...

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she was eating, stuffed the stem and seeds in her pocket, jumped at the highest point of the swing, and after a wonderful, but very brief, time flying through the air, landed with a smash. Then she gathered up Sam’s jump rope leash and hobbled away. So Mellie, who was to have dinner with Lulu that day, stopped her swing by scraping her toes on the ground, and ran after her (leaving her sweater hanging forgotten on the jungle gym). They walked back to Lulu’s house, arguing. Lulu said it was

Mellie were best friends, as well as cousins. Mellie was famous for very long silences, sudden attacks of the giggles, and losing things. Hats and gloves, pencil cases and gym bags, school clothes and school books never seemed to stay long with Mellie. They waited until she looked away, and vanished. Mellie was very, very famous for losing things, but not as famous as Lulu was for animals. It was lucky for Lulu that her father was famous for peering at the latest arrival and saying, “Hmmm.

because they had all seen the movie. They kept putting up their hands to complain, saying things like: “Are you skipping bits, Mrs. Holiday?” and, “She’s not skipping bits, she’s putting extra bits in,” and, “when will we get to the train?” and, “My mom read it to me and there was nothing about drills,” and, “Hagrid didn’t talk like that!” It seemed to poor Mrs. Holiday that every time she looked up, dozens of hands were waving in the air. Each hand was attached to a complaining listener. “If

Holiday paused to take a very clean folded handkerchief out from her pocket. She dabbed it carefully at the corner of each of her eyes. “ far as I know,” said Mrs. Holiday, and dabbed her eyes again. Was she laughing, or was she crying? Lulu and Mellie could not tell. “Well,” said Mrs. Holiday, putting her handkerchief away and becoming her old bossy self again. “This is no place for a duckling. It belongs in the park. Maybe... maybe... You girls wait here!” With that she was gone, and

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