London (Horrible Histories Gruesome Guides)

London (Horrible Histories Gruesome Guides)

Terry Deary

Language: English

Pages: 47

ISBN: 2:00242433

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A place of plague, pestilence and fire, plus the brutal Blitz and the eye-watering Great Stink. It's loathsome London as the tourists never see it - with all the hidden horrible bits! In this gruesome city guide, Terry Deary takes you on a tour of Britain's biggest city, exposing all its scurrilous secrets. Take a trip to the terrifying Tower (but try to keep your head on). Dip into London's largest toilet, the ruthless River Thames! Peer into creepy St Paul's Cathedral! It's a blood-spattered trip you simply daren't miss!

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Good luck for six ravens, bad look for Flamsteed. 4 There are supposed to be six ravens at the Tower all the time. They keep eight in case a couple fall sick and hop the twig. A bit like subs on a football team. 5 Even clipped ravens can escape. In the Second World War (1939–1945) there was just one raven left – the rest were probably driven off by the bombing. Take your Tower terror pick How would you like to die? If you ended up in the Tower of London then you had a lovely choice. Which

2 Which just goes to prove that old English proverbs are right. You know the ones … a friend in need is a pain in the neck, a bird in the hand will poo in your palm, and red sky at night means your eyes are probably bloodshot. Did you know…? Londoners have had some odd ideas. Cats like their home and, if the owners move, the cats won’t stay in the new house. How did a Londoner get a cat to stay at a new home in the Middle Ages? Picked it up by the tail and swung it once around the room. And

was right. He stretched out a shaking hand. ‘I have money.’ ‘All the money in the world won’t buy you a place in Dorchester,’ she snarled. She bent down and picked up a stone. ‘Get out of our town,’ she spat. He staggered out of the town as the people showered him with stones and curses. At last he found an old shepherd’s hut with tumbling wattle walls and a storm-blown roof. It stood on the edge of a steep quarry. He sank on the cool earth floor and curled up. That night the sweating

have. What could the law do to you around 1250 that it can’t do today? a) Take all your clothes away so you can’t leave the house. b) Take your doors and windows out so you can’t hide your crimes. c) Take your food away and starve you till you behave yourself. Answer: b) A butcher called William Cok, in Cockes Lane, had 11 doors and five windows removed by the law. Bet that left him without a sausage. The loathsome London quiz 1 Isambard Kingdom Brunel checked his dad’s Thames tunnel

his own jewels and selling them. 9c) In Islington Mr Lacock paid the council �750. In return he was allowed to collect all the dust and ashes from the houses. His team of poor women and children gathered it in carts. They then took out the cinders and sold them for half the price of coal, and the rest was sold to make bricks. But there was a dangerous gang who went around pinching the dust – a gang known as ‘The Flying Dustmen’. One of the thieves, Charles Fox, was caught stealing dust and

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