Karen's Roller Skates (Baby-Sitters Little Sister, Book 2)

Karen's Roller Skates (Baby-Sitters Little Sister, Book 2)

Ann M. Martin

Language: English

Pages: 28

ISBN: 0590442597

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When Karen shows off her roller-skating expertise and accidentally crashes into her brother, she ends up with a broken wrist but uses the opportunity to get everyone she knows to sign her new cast.

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wobbly voice. “It’s us!” I said. “ It’s Karen Brewer and Hannie Papadakis.” The door opened slightly. Hannie and I could see a squinty eye and a pointy nose. Then the door opened the rest of the way. There stood my witch. She looked the same as always. She was wearing a long black dress. It came right to the tops of her black shoes. Her gray hair was flying every which way. “Well,” she said, “what can I do for you girls?” I took off my sling and held out my arm. “I broke my wrist,” I said

Kristy. “I thought you were afraid of her.” Daddy and Elizabeth were peering at my cast. “Very nice,” said Daddy. “She even drew a picture of Midnight.” Oh! Midnight! So that’s what the picture was. I felt very silly … and very relieved. “I’m sure Mrs. Porter was happy that you wanted her autograph,” added Elizabeth. “She’s so lonely. Visits from kids must mean a lot to her.” “Well, really,” Hannie began, “we needed the autograph of a wi — ” “Of all our neighbors,” I interrupted loudly.

of the tubes and gave me my arm back. It weighed a ton. That cast was heavy. “How do you feel, Karen?” asked Daddy. “Fine,” I said. “A little sleepy.” “Good,” said Dr. Humphrey. “Now Tom just has to take a few more pictures of your wrist. We need to make sure the bones are in the right places. After that, you can go home.” So I visited Tom one more time. The nurse pushed me around in my chariot again. When Tom was done taking the pictures, Dr. Dellenkamp talked to Daddy for a few minutes.

and medicine for cuts.” “That medicine is called Merthiolate,” I said importantly. I knew that from the time the school nurse had come to our classroom to tell us about first aid. “Very good! Maybe you’ll grow up to be a doctor, Karen Brewer.” Dr. Humphrey was pushing aside the curtain. He and Daddy said good-morning to each other. Then Dr. Humphrey looked at my cast. He turned it over and around. “Does this hurt?” he kept asking. “No … no … no … YES! OW!” Darn that old doctor for hurting me.

silly of Amanda not to like Hannie. When I rang Amanda’s bell, Shannon Kilbourne answered the door. Shannon lives in the house between Hannie and Amanda. Shannon is a baby-sitter, just like Kristy. (She gave us our dog, and that’s why we named the puppy Shannon. For Shannon Kilbourne.) “Hi, Shannon,” I said. “Are you babysitting for Amanda and Max?” “Yes, I am. Karen, what happened to your arm?” Shannon asked. So I had to tell the story again. Shannon invited me into Amanda and Max’s

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