Judy Moody Predicts the Future

Judy Moody Predicts the Future

Megan McDonald

Language: English

Pages: 160


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The fourth installment in the popular and best-selling series starring independent-minded third-grader, Judy Moody. Judy is convinced that she has ESP (Extra Special Powers).

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thought we had a pretty good secret.” Judy thought of all the ways she knew. The mood ring turning red. The apple seed. The candle wax. But most of all it was the way Mr. Todd smiled ear to ear around Ms. Tater. And the way Ms. Tater’s eyes looked when she showed them the Pumpkin Moon crayon. She could say it was the mood ring. She could say it was ESP. She could say that she, Madame M for Moody, saw the future. Just like Jeane Dixon, Famous American Fortuneteller, without the eggs. But Judy

old bucket.” “Toady! You’re back!” cried Stink. He hugged the toad in his hands. He grinned a loose-tooth grin. “I missed you. You came back. For real. Just like Judy said.” “Like I predicted,” said Judy. “Just call me Madame Moody. Madame M for short.” “Is it really him?” said Stink. “Who else?” “Toady, I didn’t let you go. Judy did. Honest. Don’t ever leave again.” Stink held Toady in both hands. “I don’t even care if he makes me a member of the Toad Pee Club again,” said Stink. “Ick,”

her hands. As soon as Mr. Todd turned back to the board, Judy played with her ring to make Jessica jealous. She twisted the ring. She twirled the ring. She spun the ring on her finger. It flew off, hit Mr. Todd’s desk, and landed at Mr. Todd’s feet. Mr. Todd bent over and picked it up. “Judy,” he said, “I’m afraid I’ll have to keep the ring for you until the end of the day.” Judy turned one, two, three shades of red. Even Madame M had not predicted the mood ring would get her into trouble.

because tomorrow I am going to know tons and tons of words, like woodbine.” “Wood what?” “It’s a creepy vine. It wraps around trees.” “So go find a tree to hug,” said Stink. Instead, Judy went to find the dictionary. The fattest dictionary in the Moody house. She took it from her mom’s office and lugged it up to her room. She did not open it up. She did not look inside. She put the big red dictionary under her pillow. Then she got into her cozy bowling-ball pajamas. She pretended the bowling

sandwiches.” Rocky, Frank, and Jessica each held up a baloney sandwich. Everyone was amazed. Now the moment she’d been waiting for. “I have another prediction,” said Judy in a loud voice. “One about tomorrow. Something big. Something that’s never happened in Class 3T before.” “Really? Tell us! What?” “I, Judy Moody, will get zero-wrong-plus-extra-credit on the spelling test! 110%! Pass it on.” “That’s as preposterous as a H-I-P-P-O-P-O-T-A-M-U-S,” Jessica said. “You didn’t even study,”

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