Jan van Noordt: Painter of History and Portraits in Amsterdam

Jan van Noordt: Painter of History and Portraits in Amsterdam

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Jan van Noordt created some of the most flamboyant and expressive paintings of the Dutch Golden Age. David de Witt untangles fact from fiction in this comprehensive study of the life and work of Jan van Noordt, offering a detailed biography based on a thorough review of the documentary evidence.

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selection of particular moments from the stories and considering a broad sweep of themes to address the function of these paintings within their social-cultural fabric. Jan van Noordt consistently interpreted many of his sources in conformity with two favoured topics: love and virtue. This inclination suggests a public that also consciously interpreted its literary and religious heritage in terms of courting, marriage, and virtuous behaviour in the public sphere, such as could relate to private

which is attributed to Jan Steen.79 This other interpretation was also taken up by Rubens himself, in another print of Susanna after his design, this time by Paulus Pontius (fig. 31), to which Rubens added the inscription “Turpe senilis amor” (How disgraceful is the old man in love).80 Some of the paintings of the subject produced in the northern Netherlands also drew 69 t h e m e s o f j a n va n n o o r d t ’s h i s t o r y p a i n t i n g s attention to the morally reprehensible behaviour of

(anonymous section), London (Christie’s), 29 October 1948, lot 150 (as signed and dated: J. van Noordt 166–); London, collection of Efim Schapiro, in 1953; acquired from the Estate of Efim Schapiro for the Agnes Etherington Art Centre in 1979 by Dr Alfred Bader l i t e r at u r e Sumowski 1983–94, 1:140, 143n61, 169 (illus.), 6:3588; De Witt 1993. history paintings exhibitions Kingston 1988, xi, 106–9, no. 26 (illus.) he Gospel of Matthew tells of the mass infanticide in Bethlehem ordered by

artist’s early genre depictions. The mismatch with her surroundings lends credence to the notion that Van Noordt was at the time only starting to develop as a portraitist. catalog ue 47 Portrait of a Woman, canvas, 81.2 ϫ 64.5 cm, Angmering, West Sussex, collection of Peter and Susan Holland horizon by a strong orange evening glow, a colour also reflected in the shadow side of the sitter’s neck and face. c at a lo gu e 47 Portrait of a Woman Canvas, 81.2 x 64.5 cm, Angmering, West Sussex,

Fischer), 3–7 December 1963, lot 1639 (illus. fig. 55, as Jan van Noordt) l i t e r at u r e Collection catalogue Hartford 1978, 168, no. 104n5; Blankert 1982, 186, no. r220 (as Jan van Noordt) young girl poses in a glittering satin dress, and is adorned with strings of pearls around her neck and wrists. Her hair is arranged in long falling pijp-crullen (pipe-curls). The lavish display is completed behind her with a classical column and drapery suspended above, framing the view to a garden. This

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