Horrible Harry Cracks the Code

Horrible Harry Cracks the Code

Suzy Kline

Language: English

Pages: 80

ISBN: 0142412473

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Horrible Harry thinks he?s the world?s second-best detective?second only to Sherlock Holmes, of course. But the rest of the kids in Room 3B aren?t so sure. So he?s determined to prove himself by solving the latest mystery at South School?how to win the new cafeteria contest. He knows the cafeteria lady is using a special mathematical code, but can he crack the code before his classmate Mary tattles on him again? Or will the case go cold right before Harry?s eyes?

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up on a hook. “Well, that’s the problem, Zu. I don’t have a case yet. But when I do, I’ll be ready!” Oh, boy, I thought. I hope it’s an easy one. I didn’t want Harry to botch up two cases in a row. His reputation as a detective was on the line! As soon as we said the pledge and heard the morning announcements, we got a surprise visitor. It was Mrs. Funderburke, our school cook! She was holding a blue plastic lunch tray with a carton of milk in the upper right-hand compartment. Harry flashed a

over it, and punch a few holes on top. Later, we’ll see if we can use our sense of smell to detect what the hidden object is.” Harry raised his hand. “Yes?” the teacher said. “May Doug and I go to the cafeteria? I want to ask Mrs. Funderburke if she could donate something that smells for our cup.” “How resourceful, Harry!” Miss Mackle replied. “Since it was your idea, you and Doug may go. But I’m not sending anyone else. Mrs. Funderburke is a very busy lady. Remember to ask her nicely, and

complained. Suddenly Mr. Skooghammer, our computer teacher, walked into the cafeteria. As he cut to the front of the line, Harry tapped Mrs. Doshi’s arm. “Excuse me, Mrs. Doshi,” he said. “I need permission to talk to Mr. Skooghammer. It’s about math. May I, please? It’s really important.” Mrs. Doshi squeezed one glob of ketchup onto Harry’s plate. “I’m glad you have better lunchtime manners today. Yes, you may, Harry. But be brief !” “You’re the best!” Harry replied. “I promise it will just

for Harry to come to school, we gathered around Song Lee. She was showing us what she got at the Student Store with her gold coin. “Oooh!” Ida said. “A pen with a peacock feather at the end!” “Show us how it works!” Mary said. “Please!” Song Lee wrote seven words in her notebook: I got a pretty rainbow pen today. Each time she wrote a new word, she flicked the side of her pen and a new color of ink appeared. “Look!” ZuZu said. “The words are in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and

all my love to my grandson Holden David Hurtuk, born August 29, 2006 in Manchester, Connecticut. You are so blessed to have Emily and Victor for parents, and Mikenna and Saylor for sisters! Special appreciation to . . . My grandson Jacob DeAngelis, who first told me about the lucky lunch trays at his Peter Woodbury Elementary School. Thank you so much for all your help! You really inspired this story! I love you! My granddaughter Mikenna Hurtuk, who asked me to tell her each

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