Hazel Green

Hazel Green

Odo Hirsch

Language: English

Pages: 190

ISBN: 1582349401

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Each year, on Frogg Day, a parade fills the streets and children are not allowed to take part,but it hasn't always been that way and it certainly doesn't seem fair to Hazel Green. So she decides to rally the children of the Moody Building to build a float for the parade. But things go awry when she is accused of stealing a recipe from her favorite baker and giving it to his rival. At the same time, the children ban her from participating in the parade because she tried to convince them that their float would topple. But with the help of her friend Yakov, a.k.a. "The Yak," Hazel proves her innocence and leads the children to glory on Frogg Day. From Odo Hirsch, an internationally best-selling author, and in the spirit of Harriet the Spy and Anastasia Krupnik, comes this spunky, unforgettable, irresistible character: Hazel Green. "Sometimes you really are terrible, Hazel." Good, thought Hazel Green. Everyone should be terrible sometimes.

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swallowed the last mouthful of Mr Volio's scrumptious new invention. 'Well that's just the problem,' said Andrew McAndrew, putting down his cocoa and crossing his arms. 'We're not sure.' 'Strawberry Delight,' muttered one of the apprentices. 'Chocolate Surprise,' growled another. 'No, no/ said Mr Volio, 'that's the kind of name Mr Murray would think of. We have to do better than that.' 'Custard Supreme, that's what / would call it,' said Andrew McAndrew. Hazel frowned. She looked back at

just came out. It might have been Hamish Rae, it might have been Sophie Wigg. Then someone else joined in. And others. Suddenly everyone was cheering and clapping. Cobbler put his fingers in his mouth and produced an ear-splitting whistle. Hamish Rae roared and slapped his thighs and stamped his feet, making as much noise as he could. Sophie Wigg yelled and jumped from one foot to the other, waving her arms above her head. Susie Bunn started turning cartwheels. Everyone else was jumping and

kneading table and ate a Chocolate Dipper, the first on Frogg Day. At ten past eight, an open truck set off from the Moodey Building. It belonged to Sophie Wigg's father, and in the back, attached to Cobbler's barrow, was the Moodey tower. Everyone had jumped up beside it. Only Marcus Bunn was late. He came tearing out of the Moodey Building just as the truck started up and everyone had to shout and shout to make Sophie Wigg's father stop to let him on. Mr Winkel, who was following in his car,

were right. Soon the new arrangement was taking shape. Marcus Bunn forgot he was uninterested and stared with his mouth open. Mrs Gluck's quick hands combined the colours and shapes of flower, stem and leaf. She brought them together in a way which made them look as if they had never been apart. 'It must be at least twenty years,' said Mrs Gluck, thinking about the Frogg Day march again. 'But there was a time when the children of the Moodey Building were always in the march. It wouldn't have

in this shop.' Hazel shook her head. 'And you?' said Mr Winkel, glancing at Leon. Leon shook his head as well. 'Well, then, it's probably time you left. You're interrupting us.' 'We didn't mean to interrupt,' said Hazel. She glanced at Mr McCulloch. What was he doing here? He had a very stern expression on his face. Hazel didn't know that Mr McCulloch's expression could be so stern. Every boy in the building had his hair cut by him. Suddenly Mr McCulloch winked at Hazel. But the expression

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