George, Thomas, and Abe!: The Step into Reading Presidents Story Collection

George, Thomas, and Abe!: The Step into Reading Presidents Story Collection

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 044981288X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This collection features three of our most popular biographies: Washington, the stoic general with a soft spot for animals; Jefferson, the brilliant statesman who was a foodie at heart, and Lincoln, the absentminded lawyer whose compassionate caseload foretold his presidency. Beginning readers will learn about little-known, illuminating events in the earlier years of these extraordinary men and how, long before entering the White House, they lived lives filled with intelligence, courage, and kindness--the hallmarks of a great president.

A Dog Wearing Shoes

Cam Jansen and the Ghostly Mystery (Cam Jansen, Book 16)

Night of the Ninjas (Magic Tree House, Book 5)

The Berenstain Bears Go to School




















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Cataloging-in-Publication Data for these titles is available upon request. George Washington and the General’s Dog ISBN 978-0-375-81015-2 (trade) — ISBN 978-0-375-91015-9 (lib. bdg.) Thomas Jefferson’s Feast ISBN 978-0-375-82289-6 (trade) — ISBN 978-0-375-92289-3 (lib. bdg.) Abe Lincoln’s Hat ISBN 978-0-679-84977-3 (trade) — ISBN 978-0-679-94977-0 (lib. bdg.) ISBN 978-0-449-81288-4 ISBN: 978-0-375-98144-9 (ebook) Random House Children’s Books supports the First Amendment and celebrates

He packed it with ice and salt. Then he stirred and stirred and stirred. At last, everything was ready. The love apples were ripe. The macaroni was cheesy. The potatoes were crisp. The ice cream was icy. “Perfect!” said Thomas. Thomas invited all his friends. “What’s for dinner?” they asked. “It’s a surprise,” said Thomas. “Let’s eat!” Thomas’s guests loved the feast! They gobbled up the macaroni and cheese. They ate every last fried potato. They asked for more of Thomas’s ice cream.

Stephen Douglas. Douglas argued that each state should decide for itself if it wanted slaves. They gave speeches all over Illinois. Thousands of people heard them. Abe lost the election but became famous. In 1860, Abe ran for president. Stephen Douglas ran too. This time Abe won. Abe grew a beard for his new job. He took his family to Washington. At every train station, crowds cheered the new president. Abe was ready to make his first speech as president. He carried a cane,

a tall silk hat, and his speech. He looked for a place to put his hat. Stephen Douglas stepped up. “If I can’t be president,” he said, “I can at least hold his hat.” Abe Lincoln was a great president. He freed the slaves. He worked for fair laws. He helped unite the nation after a long war. But he never changed his ways. He always kept important papers in his tall hat!

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