Flying Feet (Zigzag Kids)

Flying Feet (Zigzag Kids)

Patricia Reilly Giff

Language: English

Pages: 80

ISBN: 037585911X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When Charlie hears that special buzz in his head, he knows it means one thing: an idea for a new invention. But Charlie's ideas tend to backfire—such as the flying feet that don't really fly. If only Charlie could make his inventions work, people might think he's as special as his older brother, Larry. Then the Zigzag afternoon center organizes a Come as a Character Day, and Charlie gets his chance to shine.

From the Hardcover edition.

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could. “Next Monday.” “Sorry,” Habib said. “I’m working on juggling.” Mitchell wasn’t paying attention. He sprinkled cheese-popper crumbs on the cement. “It’s a lunchroom line for ants,” he said. Sumiko leaned over to watch. But Charlie kept going. He hobbled toward Jake. Destiny stood on the stone wall with Beebe. Fifth graders were climbing over Jake’s pile of stuff. So was Terrible Thomas, Jake’s cat. Oops. Terrible Thomas was Mrs. Thomas now. She’d had a bunch of kittens. “Out of

“They’re work gloves.” Clifton held up a green one. Charlie felt a buzz. It was a little buzz. Still— Another invention? He had no time to think about it. Ms. Katz sat down next to him. “The wall is a little damp,” she said. “But it feels good.” Beebe passed him for the second time. Habib came flying by. Trevor threw a glove in the air. Big gloves. Thick gloves. Gloves with lots of room. The buzz in Charlie’s head began again. Jake came along. “Go, guys,” he yelled. “Can I have

finger. “Sumiko came in first.” He held up two fingers so Beebe could see. “Beebe second.” “Whew.” Sumiko leaned close so Beebe could read her lips. “My feet are falling off.” Charlie felt that buzz again. Louder now. An invention was on its way, Charlie thought. Ramón blasted his whistle two times. The buses were there. Mrs. Dover, the bus driver, honked her horn. Charlie grabbed the box of gloves. He began to run to the bus. So did some of the other kids. “What’s that box for?” Mrs.

called?” Charlie stared out the window. What was it called? Nothing yet. “Wizard Walkers,” he said, after a minute. Charlie looked at the stone wall outside. Jake was taking off the tarp. He’d show everyone his invention there. He looked over Mitchell’s shoulder. “Nothing is on your paper,” he said. “It’s just a big blank.” “Listen, Charlie,” Mitchell said. “I have to think first.” “Start with the title,” Charlie said. “Why don’t you go outside?” Mitchell said. “Help everyone with Jake’s

hands. He threw his legs up in the air. And began to walk on his hands. One hand-step. Two. He was going to fall. “Yeow …” But then someone held on to his ankles. “Everyone needs a helper,” a voice said. “Even a wizard.” It was Larry. He wasn’t laughing. Charlie kept going along the wall. Right to the end. He still owed Larry T-shirt money. He’d give him the penny he’d found. That was a good start. Then he stood up. “I have more Wizard Walkers in the box,” he said. “Help yourself.”

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