7: Five Go Off To Camp (Famous Five series)

7: Five Go Off To Camp (Famous Five series)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 192


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy the dog find excitement and adventure wherever they go in Enid Blyton's most popular series.

In book seven, the Famous Five investigate spook trains in the dead of night. The trains seem to vanish into thin air, but where do they go? The Five discover an unusual underground tunnel system and a secret train-service.

If they follow the tracks, will they solve the mystery?

This edition features the text from the Classic edition and contains the original cover art and inside drawings by Eileen Soper.

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stepson. He looked dismayed and shocked. Then he came back into the room and kicked the door shut behind him. ‘I’ll have my tea here after all,’ he said. ‘Well, to think you’ve heard of those spook-trains! I’ve been careful not to mention them to your mother or to you, Jock, for fear of scaring you!’ ‘Gee!’ said Dick. ‘Are they really true then? They can’t be.’ ‘You tell me all you know, and how you know about it,’ said Mr Andrews, sitting down at the table with his tray. ‘Go on. Don’t miss

himself when they come along,’ he said. ‘I don’t know how he manages to stay on in a bad place like that. Never knowing when a train is going to come creeping out of that tunnel in the darkness.’ Julian was not going to have Anne frightened any more. He got up from the table and turned to Mrs Andrews. ‘Thank you very much for a lovely day and lovely food!’ he said. ‘We must go now. Come along, Anne.’ ‘Wait a minute,’ said Mr Andrews. ‘I just want to warn you all very solemnly that you mustn’t

can see!’ And then he had stalked out of the cloakroom with the small, terrified boy beside him, leaving the bully hung up high on the peg, quite unable to free himself. And there he had to stay, because not one of the boys who came pouring in from a game of football would lift him down. ‘And, if the peg hadn’t given way under his weight, he’d be stuck up there still, ‘Julian had said with a grin. ‘Good old Luffy! You’d never think he could be fierce like that, would you?’ Anne loved that

twenty miles to go, I should think,’ said Mr Luffy, jamming on his brakes suddenly to avoid two large sheep in the middle of the road. ‘I wish these creatures wouldn’t choose the centre of the road to gossip in. Hi, get on there! Let me pass!’ Timmy yelped and tried to get out of the car. The sheep hurriedly decided to move, and the car went on. Anne was thoroughly awake by now, having been almost jerked out of her seat by the sudden stop. ‘What a shame to wake you!’ said Mr Luffy, gazing down

big canvas buckets they had brought. He didn’t particularly want to carry those for miles. If there was a stream near their camping place it would be easy to get the buckets filled with washing-water. The road forked into two. To the right was a good road, leading on and on. To the left it became not much more than a cart-track. ‘That’s the one we take,’ said Mr Luffy, and the car jerked and jolted over it. He was forced to go slowly, and the children had time to see every little thing they

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