Edvard Munch: Lithographs, Etchings, Woodcuts

Edvard Munch: Lithographs, Etchings, Woodcuts

Edvard Munch

Language: English

Pages: 144


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A very nice scan of some extremely nice work of Munch. Yes, you can thumb through here and find a very nice woodcut of The Scream (titled The Shriek in this edition, I think). But, I know this book far more for its iconic representation of theatre's main man, August Strindberg.

These woodcuts and lithographs are just extremely moving. Can return to many times...

Printed to coincide with with an exhibition of Munch's work in LA, January 28 - March 9, 1969

this is a much better artbook than the picasso i uploaded. it is not really comparable to the Chagall Lithographs publication i uploaded. it is likely that chagall's lithographs will be my favorite artbook upload on the tracker. until i scan some of my darren waterston exhibition catalogues or something....mmm....

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Lugne Poe, Ibsen producer and theatre director. 8 etchings. 1896 1897 February, takes up residence in Paris. Under the influence of master-printer, Auguste Clot, prints color lithographs and berg, Obstfelder, Delius, Mallarme. first woodcuts. Friends include Strind- Produces program design for Jean Gabriel Borkman (Ibsen play), (Cat. No. 36). Buys home in Aasgaardstrand, where he will spend most of his summers until 1906. 1898-1900 Copenhagen, Berlin, 1901-1902 Winter and spring

York: 1950, 120 p., ill. ESSWEIN, Hermann. Edvard Munch. Piper, Munich/Leipzig: 1905 (Moderne Band 7), 46 p., ill. GAUGUIN, Pola. Grafkeren Edvard Munch. Brun, Trondheim: 1946, 2 Vols. I: Chanticleer, Illustratoren. lithographs, II: woodcuts/etchings. ill. GLASER, Curt. Edvard Munch. Cassirer, Berlin: 1917, 191 p., ill. (includes original etching by Munch), 2nd ed., 1922, 207 p., ill. Die Graphik der Neuzeit, pp. 517-527, ill. Cassirer, Berlin: 1923. GREVE, Eli. Edvard Munch Liv og

tensions of maximum contrast to the white of the on a stage. An armchair, its back The bearded father faces front and the two groupings joined by the turning figure posed as to the spectator, hides the dying child. mourning is characteristic work. if himself. He was always own image, and countless self-portraits reflect the Like the German painter Max Beckmann, he repeatedly asks, "What am I ? This is the question that constantly persecutes and torments me." Munch strips to the inner

""•' 71. SELF PORTRAIT WITH WINE BOTTLE Lithograph Lent anonymously 1925/26 I UK KnlU \ I II l|.. I . Ill LM I'' .l|.ll .HI.IMMIHIII-K J^ i ^ > T M N jtfr / ) *, 73. SELF PORTRAIT WITH HAT 1932 Lithograph Lent anonymous!} 93 72. BIRGITTE, III 1931 Color woodcut Lent anonymously CATALOG BIOGRAPHY BIBLIOGRAPHY NOTI Iri.m 111 11 Ml iIiiih-iimiiik an Composition ix.. ill -i/r i \i I - in tin- catalog an anil grit fallowing !•-•-« la iJm iiamiii

lower right Edv. Munch in pencil. A very small edition. Later (?) impressions were printed by Felsing, Berlin, on wove and Japan paper, in brownish-gray as well as multi-colors (unknown to Schiefler). : LENT ANONYMOUSLY. 33. SIGBJ0RN OBSTFELDER Etching 6 5/8x5 1/8" 1897 Willoch 53 Sch. 88 Printed on heavy wove paper. Signed lower right: E. Munch avant lettre in pencil. Printed by Lemercier in Paris and later by Felsing, Berlin. Obstfelder was a Norwegian poet. LENT ANONYMOUSLY. 34.

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