Discover Helicopters: Level 4 Reader (Discover Reading)

Discover Helicopters: Level 4 Reader (Discover Reading)

Language: English

Pages: 32

ISBN: 1623950392

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

It's a bird? It's a plane? It's a helicopter! Learn all about helicopters in this informative level 4 reader. Each page features a full-color photo of a helicopter with several sentences of information. At the end of the book, there is a Key Words list (featuring words like "thrust" and "navigation") with activities for your student to complete. Perfect for homeschool families, classroom enrichment and more, Discover Helicopters is part of the Discover Reading series from Xist Publishing. As a level 4 reader, it introduces new words about a specific topic and informs while entertaining.

This book conforms to the following College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards:

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Helicopters are different from other types of aircraft. They can take off and land vertically, hover for extended periods of time and move a low airspeeds. This makes them ideally suited for a wide range of tasks that cannot be performed by other types of aircraft. Helicopters can be used for transportation, construction, fire fighting, search and rescue and tourism. Helicopters are very useful but they are one of the most difficult types of aircraft to fly. Helicopters are used by the

helicopter is painted black so it can fly missions at night and not be seen. Military helicopters can be painted with camouflage to help make them more difficult to detect. The camouflage is different depending on the area where the helicopter will be flying. There are many different controls used to fly a helicopter. A pilot must be able to do different things with his or her right and left hands and and both feet at the same time. Helicopters can hover in the air to stay in one place

for an extended period of time. To do this, the pilot must constantly adjust the controls to keep the helicopter aloft and hovering. Helicopters can be used for transportation, construction, fire fighting, search and rescue and tourism. Larger helicopters are designed to transport many passengers. Can you guess how many rows of passengers will fit in this helicopter? Here’s a hint: count the windows. Very large helicopters need two sets of rotors. This Boeing CH-47 Chinook is the most common

a plane. Because they do not require a runway and can land and take off from very small spaces, helicopters make it possible for people to quickly travel to remote destinations. Helicopters can have different types of landing gear. This helicopter has skids, which look a bit like skis for landing on flat places. This helicopter has wheels for landing. It allows the helicopter to takeoff much like an airplane. It also makes for a much softer landing. This military transport helicopter has

retractable wheels. When it lands, it can taxi into a hanger and unload its gear. Helicopters do not fly as fast or as high as fixed-wing planes. They are best for navigating tight spaces or going short distances at low altitude. Key Word List aircraft airspeed aloft altitude helicopter hover military navigating passenger pilot remote rotor runway territory thrust transport Activities: 1. Define each of the Key Words from this list. 2. Write a sentence for each one of the

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