Dialogic Materialism: Bakhtin, Embodiment and Moving Image Art (American University Studies)

Dialogic Materialism: Bakhtin, Embodiment and Moving Image Art (American University Studies)

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 1433124459

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Dialogic Materialism: Bakhtin, Embodiment and Moving Image Art argues for the relevance of Mikhail Bakhtin’s theories of dialogism as a means of examining the interdisciplinary nature of contemporary moving image art forms. The volume comprises six chapters divided into two sections. The first section, Part I, illustrates the key concepts in Bakhtin’s multifaceted dialogism and develops these ideas in relation to moving image art. The main focus of this first part is the proposal of what the author terms dialogic materialism, which builds upon the Marxism inherent in Bakhtin, examining the material processes of cultural exchange with a particular emphasis on multi-perspective subjective relations. Part II consists of case studies that apply dialogic materialism to the moving image artwork of three artists: Stan Douglas, Jamelie Hassan and Chris Marker. Applying Bakhtinian theory to the field of the visual arts provides a means of examining the fundamentally dialogic nature of moving image art making and viewing, a perspective that is not fully developed within the existing literature.

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concept has a cumbersome history, one that Bakhtin lived to see distorted into the repression of Soviet Diamat.108 However, there are aspects of materialism that are still useful and to ignore the possibilities that the material world offers in understanding art would be foolhardy. As Henri Lefebvre states: And materialism? Like Marx’s other concepts concerning the economic, the political, and revolution, materialism is simultaneously right and wrong. If it is correct to say that productive

depiction of Bakhtinian thought as wholly incompatible with dialectics is part of a pronounced desire to demonstrate his hostility towards Marxism per se, and hence to discredit, merely by dint of association, every aspect of the Marxist emancipatory project, particularly the notion of collective sociopolitical agency.”122 Attempts to discredit the Marxist influence on Bakhtin are ludicrous since they are contrary to the most basic aspect of dialogism and ignore the role that an individual’s

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