Dada Surrealism and Their Heritage

Dada Surrealism and Their Heritage

Language: English

Pages: 252

ISBN: 087070284X

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Illustrated survey of the great movements of Dada and Surrealism, describing their birth and development, their philosophies, the works of art they produced, and their contribution to the art of the present.

Architecture and Mathematics from Antiquity to the Future, Volume 2: The 1500s to the Future

Cinema by Other Means

L'arte nella storia: 600 a.C. - 2000 d.C.

Relationscapes: Movement, Art, Philosophy. Technologies of Lived Abstraction

The Montefeltro Conspiracy: A Renaissance Mystery Decoded




















geto tietrteU. 66 ~' - kurt sch^'itters. Fee. /p^o. 1920. Collage of pasted papers, 9*14 inches. Marlborough-Gerson Gallery, Inc., New York kurt schvitters. 67 Illustration in Memoiren Anna Blumes in Bleie (Freiburg, 1922) opposite above right maurice lemaitre. Document on a 68 Life. 44 7 69 1 966. Oil 1 x s 63'' -1 Woman of My and pasted photographs on canvas, mounted on plywood. inches. Collection the artist, Paris below right kurt sch^ttters. The "And" Picture (Das

projections of the bio- a whimsical Surrealist The preoccupation with the use of words letter morphological patterns of Tanguy's paintings. Some words Magritte juxtaposed images of objects and logically un- between their most schematic — a narrative sexual confrontation. The text of A Bird fusion of object. image of an object from the in a Pursues a Bee and "Kisses" It — automatically engenders a set of aesthetic rapports that have no necessary relation — but only poem as

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, & the Estate of and oil on canvas, J7V2X Connecticut 134 1 3 j inches. Collection James Thrall Soby, New Canaan, H-> joan miro. Seated 195 left 196 right the Philip Woman I. (1938). Oil on canvas, 63 joan miro. Acrobatic Dancers. (1940). Gouache and L.Goodwin 50" oil - inches. Collection Miss wash on paper, Collection 135 Peggy Guggenheim, Venice" 18 1 bx 15 inches. Wadsworth Atheneum. Hartford, 197 victor brauner.

reports: "The were looking for "Toward d''Art (Paris), facets of his art mine). Huelsenbeck has long insisted on this and myself Die Geburt of 1959. his version of the finding of Ball dur- such a distinction, Dada {op. word 'Dada' was Meudon und Chronik der Griinder Georges Hugnet, "L'Esprit dada dans Motherwell November 1926 strongly points to "You would then have in Huelsenbeck (italics made in in Peter Schifferli (ed.), English translation, "The 46 the contrary, a

ows, 5' forming swing out to enclose the "shadvia collage and its Man Ray now took the next step by Duchamp by eliminating brush trompe-1'a.'il equivalent, along the road traveled and traditional Dada paints. period, he From 191 7 until the was primarily a maker of to his portrait (fig. end of the objects and an photographs with their cameo- most important photographic "Rayographs" which objects were 39) were made by a process in all. placed on or near sensitized

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