Collecting and Care of Fine Art: An Introduction to Purchasing, Investing, Evaluating, Restoring, and More

Collecting and Care of Fine Art: An Introduction to Purchasing, Investing, Evaluating, Restoring, and More

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Pages: 192


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For novices and experienced collectors alike, Collecting and Care of Fine Art is a thorough examination of the intricacies of the art market. Written by a professional art dealer, this book covers all phases of buying, selling, and caring for works of art, from auctions and insurance to restorations and appraisals.
Carl David’s advice to the layman is invaluable, covering such topics as the characteristics of a gallery and its proprietor that will assure forthright dealings; what deals to avoid; the criteria to be followed by the beginner about to make his first purchase; and precautions to take in the conservation of paintings, from simple cleaning to restoration techniques.
For the art collector, indispensible information is provided, including details of shipping and insuring works of art, how to gauge the competence of an appraiser, the many elements that influence art prices, the tax benefits and liabilities of art investment, and much more.
This book is a practical and wide-reaching guide that collectors and investors may turn to with confidence. In this updated edition, the author includes new and up-to-date chapters and information.

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may turn out to be deadwood. Often it is difficult to liquidate quickly, unless the works of art are so highly sought after that there is a ready market for them at all times. If a private collector purchases a painting and decides after six months that he wants to sell it and enjoy a profit, he might have an unpleasant surprise—the dealer’s commission for selling it. Any profit which may have accrued could well be consumed by this fee, unless the work is very rare and of top-notch quality, or

me to make a profit in excess of $50,000? Absolutely not, and here’s why. If I’d invested the same dollars in a money-market instrument, I could collect a yield of approximately 12 percent or $24,000 in a year. And how about my risk and my overhead? What if the market for a great Bierstadt Yosemite painting had been temporarily satisfied, and there were no buyers for a year or two? That’s a pretty substantial shock to absorb. In that case I’d be losing the $24,000 a year in interest, while the

Andrew Wyeth Jamie Wyeth Post-War, Pop Art & Contemporary In this day and age we must include a group of artists from the Post-War era (after 1945) through Modern day. There are too many to list in their entirety but below are noted several as a cross-section of the most desirable and interesting in my opinion. These are artists who have gone to the next step in their compositions as they tell their story, one image at a time. Snapshot reflections of their life or of societal happenings. A

Castagno, Andrea del, 132 Catalogs, of auction houses, 2, 62–64, 70, 73, 100 Catlin, George, 152 Chagall, Marc, 146 Chalfant, John, 150 Chambers, Thomas, 148 Champney, Benjamin, 17 Chardin, Jan Baptiste, 137 Charitable contributions, 116, 118–123, 125 Chase, William Merritt, 17, 155 Chavannes, Pierre Puvis de, 136 Chirico, Giorgio de, 146 Church, Frederic, 16, 153 Cimabue, Cenni di Pe, 131 Claesz, Pieter, 133, 135 Cleaning paintings, 85–88 Clouet, François, 133 Cole, Thomas, 16,

the buying of antiques and objects of art was limited. Collectors were fewer; they concentrated their efforts on a narrow field and a time period that, for the most part, did not extend beyond 1850. They collected what has come to be called high art in furniture, fine arts, silver, some glass and pottery. Today it appears that everybody collects and, it seems, they collect everything—Victoriana, Art Nouveau objects, Art Deco objects, Depression Glass, comic books, buttons, film posters, and even

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