Collage Lost and Found: Creating Unique Projects With Vintage Ephemera

Collage Lost and Found: Creating Unique Projects With Vintage Ephemera

Giuseppina Cirincione

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 1581807872

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

What's old is new—discarded items from a bygone era unite to form unorthodox collage jewelry, cards, journals and more.

Collage Lost and Found delivers projects that not only have a saucy style, but a story to tell as well. From a sailor missing the love he left ashore, to a school boy's crush on his teacher, the stunning pages of this book will inspire you to dust off the vintage ephemera you've been collecting for years and combine it with basic collage elements to create romantic pieces you can wear as well as display.

In addition to delectable inspiration for a multitude of projects, you'll learn several practical techniques that can aid you in all your creative endeavors, including:

  • Simple soldering techniques that anyone can do right away
  • The art of layering with beeswax to add an intriguing depth to your work
  • Magic tricks for turning metal repair tape into aged sheet metal
  • In-the-know sources for finding vintage ephemera, as well as tips for transforming new items into ones that appear to have stood the test of time

Give in to the seduction of the past. Let Collage Lost and Found take you to a world where collage sings to you of a simpler time where your creativity knows no bounds!

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