Chagall Lithographs 1974-1979 (Lithographs, Volume 5)

Chagall Lithographs 1974-1979 (Lithographs, Volume 5)

Marc Chagall, Charles Sorlier, Robert Marteau

Language: English

Pages: 260

ISBN: 0815000197

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

translated from French by John Ottaway

spectacular full color plates of the complete catalogue of Chagall's lithographs between 1974 and 1979. it seems to be the first book representing Marc Chagall on the tracker.

This is an absolutely beautiful book, arranged with notes by Charles Sorlier--the engraver under Chagall's direction--and an introduction by Robert Marteau. I cannot recommend this enough. Unless you have seen this book, I would be almost certain it includes work you have never seen of Chagall.

selling for ~$200:

CHAGALL, Marc; SORLIER, Charles.
Chagall Lithographs 1974-1979. [Lithographs V] New York: Crown Publishers, Inc., [1984].

First American edition, printed in Italy.

Quarto. 250 pp., including 305 illustrations, 202 in color and 103 in black and white

it goes without saying--any other volumes would be jaw-dropping


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authorization. valueless as collectors's pieces. [89 CS i. Format: Paper The name of the engraver is ORANGE MATERNITY. 35 X 18.5 cm. lithograph produced by Char- cm. Illustration not mentioned on this 32 X 16 under the Master's direction. A very limited number of proofs, signed but not numbered. This plate was used as the cover for the program of a charity show. les Sorlier 190 CS 2. RED POPPIES (1949). Format Paper 64 X 48 cm. Illustration 55.5 X 41 cm. This print,

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