Borgon the Axeboy and the Prince's Shadow

Borgon the Axeboy and the Prince's Shadow

Kjartan Poskitt

Language: English

Pages: 44


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Borgon the Axeboy and his friends are going to watch the Shadow Trials - the most dangerous contest in the Lost Desert. But they didn't mean to join in! Then one of the contestants challenges Borgon . . . and barbarians NEVER refuse a challenge! After all, all he has to do is race up a deathly mountain, cross a sabre-tooth bear pit, avoid the vultures and escape a skeleton. What could possibly go wrong?

With Asterix-style illustrations from award-winning author/illustrator Philip Reeve, this series is set to have you rolling in the desert with laughter.

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To Harry and Max Meet the savages! The Lost Desert Contents Title Page Dedication Meet the savages! The Lost Desert The Vultures’ Surprise The Savage with Zebra Legs Cheers, Boos and Ragga Ragga Hoo Hoos! The Mountains of Chaos The Yellow Egg What Do Lies Smell Like? The Trial of a Thousand Darts The Walk of Death Two Against One Small, Fat and Far Too Smelly The Night Visitor Who’s the Mummy? About the author About the illustrator Also in this series Copyright The Vultures’ Surprise

the edge. ‘Finish him off, then I can be the winner.’ The bear lurched forwards and swiped its giant paw round to scoop Borgon’s head off, but the paw passed clean through empty air. Borgon had already ducked, but then he suddenly leapt up and smacked his axe hard into the bear’s long teeth. KRINTCH! The bear howled and lashed out, knocking Borgon flying into the wall. The barbarian ended up lying face down in a pile of old bones without moving. ‘Ooooh!’ cheered the crowd. ‘GET UP,

pretty swoops and circles in the air. Borgon’s head went up and down and twisted and turned, and his whole body started to feel heavy. He staggered away from Akabbah and the next thing he knew there was a loud clatter. Pain shot from his foot. ‘Yow!’ yelped Borgon. He realised he’d dropped his axe on his toe. It was sore, but at least he wasn’t being dazzled any more. He saw that Madreesh was holding her staff away from him, releasing him from the power of the silver crystal. ‘Are you all

said. Suddenly Borgon stopped dead in his tracks. ‘That’s it,’ said Borgon. ‘One more word from you and I’m going home.’ ‘OK,’ said Grizzy. But then she realised she’d said one more word. ‘Sorry,’ she said. ‘I didn’t mean to say that. And I didn’t mean to say that either. Or that. Or that. Or that.’ Borgon glared at her. ‘Not ONE MORE word,’ he said. Grizzy clamped her hands over her mouth to show she was trying her best, but then she saw something charging up behind them. ‘Mm mm mmmm mm!’

already thrown the tongue. It hit Akabbah right in the face and stuck there. As the tall savage scraped the mess out of his eyes, Borgon caught the end of the sword in the curve of his axe blade. He gave it a sharp twist, the sword pinged free and Akabbah fell backwards. Akabbah leapt up to attack again, then saw that the end of his sword was curled up. He tried to stab it into Borgon’s stomach, but it just rolled up even more and made a little DOY YOY YOING! noise. ‘Ha ha ha!’ laughed the

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