Best (Boy)friend Forever (Camp Confidential, No. 9)

Best (Boy)friend Forever (Camp Confidential, No. 9)

Melissa J. Morgan

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 0448443252

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Priya Shah is Camp Lakeview’s resident tomboy—her BFF in the whole world is Jordan: a BOY, but they are just friends. The girls in bunk 4C aren’t buying it, though. Priya’s used to the teasing and thinks she can take it. But during the fourth-division field trip to D.C. she realizes she’s never been more wrong. And when Jordan starts going out with another girl on the trip, Priya must get in touch with her true feelings before it’s too late.

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wimp out. “So what am I supposed to do?” Natalie raised her eyebrows. “Well, what do you want to do? Do you want him for a boyfriend or—” “No. No, no, no. Never in a million years,” Priya interrupted. “He’s like my brother. Almost.” Natalie held up both hands like a traffic cop signaling cars to a stop. “All righty then. Question answered. Now I have another one. Did he come right out and tell you he wanted to be your boyfriend?” “Not exactly,” Priya admitted. “I hinted around—’cause I had

last Austin Powers movie. The one with the yellow hair who always wore gold clothes,” Jordan joked. Her heart skittered in her chest. She was not believing this. “You mean the guy who kept eating his own skin?” “Yeah. That guy.” Jordan flicked a speck of glitter off her shoulder. “Hey, is Brynn almost ready, do you think?” It was like he’d punched her. Right in the gut. She couldn’t pull in a breath. She couldn’t breathe. “Yeah. Almost,” she managed to wheeze out. Then she turned away, so

Brynn must’ve thought the whole thing was Jordan’s idea. She must think he’s a total psycho. With a cruel cherry on top. Which is so unfair, Priya thought, her eyes going over to Jordan, even though she really didn’t want to look at him. It hurt too much. In so many ways. Yeah, like she expected, he was staring at Brynn. Like he was wishing her head was plastic so he could look inside and just understand. Sophie came by with a big pan of taco casserole and set it down in the middle of the

were involved in major crushes. Thankfully, just when Jenna was getting tired of the boy talk, Andie and Mia, the bunk’s counselor and CIT, stood up from the table. “Singdown time!” Andie announced with a grin, and suddenly everyone forgot about boys, at least for the moment. Jenna wiped another sticky string of marshmallow off her chin and popped it into her mouth. Flopping back in the grass, she basked in the warmth of the campfire’s glow. “Mmmm.” She gave her friends a goopy smile. “There’s

was going to be able to force any food in there with them. Priya sat down on one end of a fallen log, next to Brynn. A whole bunch of logs were arranged in circles around the big pit they used for camp-wide campfires. She stared at her full plate. “Anybody want seconds?” she asked, holding up her plate of firsts. “Maybe. But I’ve only taken about two bites of what I’ve got,” Alex answered from the next log over. “Aren’t you feeling good?” Becky asked from her spot next to Alex. Her blue eyes

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