Barry (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Dog Diaries)

Barry (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Dog Diaries)

Language: English

Pages: 147

ISBN: 0606324550

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. The most famous St. Bernard dog in history shares the story of his life in the Alps between Italy and Switzerland, describing his training by hospice monks, his role in rescuing lost snowbound travelers and his relationships with fellow hospice hounds. Original.

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the going became difficult—and sometimes impossible. Almost as bad as the snow were the swirling banks of fog. People froze. They got lost. They got buried alive in avalanches. What is an avalanche? An avalanche is a great big spill of snow, rocks, and ice that comes thundering down a mountainside as if some giant has sent it tumbling. Avalanches are unpredictable things and have many causes. Sometimes when the temperature rises there is a sudden thaw, causing wet, heavy snow to slide. Other

Obedient as I was, I rolled over next to the small boy. With the shawl, the woman bound the boy on to my back. She tied the shawl so tightly it was difficult for me to breathe, but I understood she wanted to keep her boy securely tied to my back. “There. See that no harm comes to him,” she said. I stood up slowly with my new burden on my back. It was difficult, carrying such a load. I was unsteady at first, but I managed to find my balance. The woman looked up at me. “Promise me you will carry

spring came, a woman and a man came up from the valley to take him to a new home. I sniffed their hands. “Will I do, Barry?” the man asked me. I snorted and wagged my tail. He would do. He smelled right. The important thing was that the boy seemed to like them. As he rode off down the mountain in a mule cart, I stood at the door and never took my eyes off him until he was out of my sight. Before he disappeared down the dip, he smiled and waved. The wind carried his voice to me. “Bye-bye,

The avalanche had finished rumbling and all was silent again. So you might wonder how I knew where to go. Just as I sensed an avalanche coming, I also sensed where it had happened. And I headed for that spot as fast as I could go. I might no longer have been a puppy, but my legs and hips were still strong. I churned my way across the debris of the avalanche, nose to the ground. I homed in on the scent right away. I detected one man trapped beneath the snow. My nose told me that he was not buried

a lot of space in a room and in a home. They are gentle giants and easy to train, but if you are interested in owning one, think about it very carefully. If you go to a Saint Bernard breeder, ask to meet the parents of the adorable pups. Get an idea of the parents’ size. With the owner’s permission, take one of the big bruisers around the block for a walk. If possible, groom a Saint Bernard. It will give you some idea of what a big job it is just keeping its fur spiffy. Getting a Saint Bernard

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