Barbie in a Mermaid Tale 2 (Little Golden Book)

Barbie in a Mermaid Tale 2 (Little Golden Book)

Mary Tillworth, Elise Allen

Language: English

Pages: 4

ISBN: 2:00177221

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Girls ages 2-5 will love this exciting full-color Little Golden Book retelling of the new Barbie Spring 2012 direct-to-DVD movie.

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around Kylie’s neck. “I wish to become a mermaid,” Kylie whispered with her last breath—and turned back into a mermaid just in time. With Eris’s spell broken, Queen Calissa swam to the throne and hugged Merliah. “You’ll find you can make Merillia doing anything you love,” Calissa told her daughter. Merliah was very happy—until she remembered that because she had taken part in the Merillia ceremony, she could never turn into a human again. The next day, Merliah, Kylie, and Calissa swam up

to the surface. As Kylie got ready to surf, Merliah said sadly, “I wish I had legs so I could show off my new surfing trick.”To her surprise, she magically turned into a human! “It must have been the ceremony!” Calissa told her daughter. “You can be a mermaid or a human!” Merliah and Kylie surfed together in the final round of the competition. Kylie won, but Merliah couldn’t have been happier. She had learned to make Merillia and saved Oceana—and gained a new friend and surfing buddy!

pushed Kylie into the whirlpool, setting Eris free—and trapping Kylie at the bottom of the ocean! Luckily, Snouts, Merliah’s baby sea lion friend, had followed Kylie and Alistair. He heard Kylie’s cries and hurried to the beach to alert Merliah. On shore, Merliah was desperately searching for her missing necklace. Snouts got her attention. Realizing that something was wrong, Merliah quickly followed him. Merliah couldn’t change into a mermaid without her necklace, but she could still

mermaid who sat on the throne the power to make Merillia. As the attendees gathered, Eris appeared with her mean stargazer minions. “Eris!” Calissa cried. The evil mermaid cast a wicked spell that turned Calissa’s tail to stone! The queen sank helplessly to the bottom of the ocean. Eris cast spells on all the ambassadors one by one. She cackled gleefully as she sat on the throne. In a few moments, the midday sun would shine down, giving her the power to make Merillia—and rule the ocean!

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