Art, Peace, and Transcendence: Réograms That Elevate and Unite

Art, Peace, and Transcendence: Réograms That Elevate and Unite

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Pages: 152

ISBN: 0826355153

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American artist Paul Ré invites us to join him on his journey for harmony, wisdom, and inner joy with Art, Peace, and Transcendence. His hybrid hand-digital prints, Réograms, are a unique art form very different from the Rayograms made in the twentieth century by the American surrealist Man Ray. Ré’s digital prints are computer manipulations of the drawings, paintings, and sculptures he has created over his forty-year career―the transformations may be mild or dramatic, each manually massaged into a harmonious whole. Commentary by the artist, drawing from his background in physics, philosophy, and the practice of yoga and meditation, accompanies the fifty-eight full-page plates, placing each piece in its historical context. Bridging the lines of art and science, Ré takes us on a discovery of our oneness with the whole of the universe and the source from which it emerged.

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explain this further. In the standard particle model of physics, the universe consists of matter particles, such as electrons and protons, and messenger particles, which transmit forces—for example, photons transmit electromagnetic force and gravitons transmit gravity. The messenger particles (or bosons) have a whole-number amount of spin (angular momentum) and are the “extroverts” of the particle world; they like to gather into groups. On the other hand, matter particles (or fermions) have an

dimensions. If Einstein’s field equations for gravity (general relativity) are solved using four spatial dimensions, the results produce not only the equations for gravity, but also more equations. Amazingly, these turn out to be Maxwell’s equations for electromagnetism! That is, by adding one spatial dimension, we discover an incredible unification of gravitational and electromagnetic fields, two of the four basic forces of nature. Continuing further, string theory actually seems to require a

less obvious that the carapace or marble-like coloration evolved from the painting that inspired Plate 45, Studio Lichens. Please also compare with Plate 53, Marbleous Dance. 108  • PL AT E 5 5.   The Ghost of Edvard Munch, 2012 To introduce this Réogram, let me offer the following poem. The Ghost of Edvard Munch This work reassures us, even when we are in despair and things seem twisted out of shape, that Grace and Beauty are not far away . . . and a quiet humor resides within. 110  •

orientation, but a few are portrait. With each portrait image, you will be guided in the commentary to rotate the book ninety degrees clockwise so that the image is upright, with its discussion above it. Actually, it is a good idea to look at all of the works presented here from different angles, as new gestalts may emerge. Wisdom integrates acquire of angles (a choir of angels). This aphorism-­ pun, one of more than fifty thousand I have written in the last forty years, is from the upcoming

figures (a lamb is also included) seem to flow together as if they were a fluid, merging in spiritual oneness. And oneness, as in uniting a broad spectrum of disciplines, was the essence of Leonardo. He had a great reverence for life; he was a pacifist and vegetarian; and he wanted to serve humanity with his art, inventions, and study of everything in nature. That included anatomy and botany; his study of the branching patterns of stems and leaves led to the modern field of phyllotaxis. He was

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