American Realism (Temporis Collection)

American Realism (Temporis Collection)

Gerry Souter

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 1844845753

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The unconventional movement of American Realism allowed artists to break free from the established traditions of art in America and enabled the birth of a true national artistic identity. Through detailed descriptions of both the strong personalities and the artistic exchanges marking this movement, Souter shows the reader how these artists radically altered the art of their time and forever impacted the history of art.

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created by Velázquez would take on a definite American character. “I shall seek to achieve my broad effect from the very beginning,” His tour of Europe and subsequent studies seemed to fix his artist style in he declared.12 amber as he tossed aside the works of the Old Masters in a letter to his 38 sister Frances: “I went next to see the picture galleries. There must have Eakins retuned to Philadelphia and opened a studio on Mount Vernon been half a mile of them, and I walked all the way

style became more formulaic and less fluid and brilliance, together they created a force for change. 115 TS American Reallism 4C.qxp 09/12/2008 13:46 Page 116 Edward Hopper, Drugstore, 1927. Oil on canvas, 73.7 x 101.9 cm. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts, bequest of John T. Spaulding. 116 TS American Reallism 4C.qxp 09/12/2008 13:46 Page 117 edward hopper (1882-1967) Edward Hopper overcame the disadvantages of being a spoiled rural rich to success. However, his breeding

artist and even wrote impassioned letters home to his family praising his amused faces, lost as they are to me in the vague memory of the shining artistic skills. Of course, young Benton was in full accord. He wrote: “I am bar at the House of Lords, with its bright lights, glittering silver and bound to be successful. I have the fullest confidence in myself. Ask anyone glassware, determined, in a way, the life I would follow. Their bantering capable of judging my work what he thinks of my

impossible to ignore all the manifestos floating about from the rigours of the Synchromists, Orphists, Cubists, Rayonists, Dada, etc. Benton chose the Russian import, Constructivism. This exotic flower was pollinated by theories borrowed from Suprematism (Malevich) from the Ukraine, De Stijl (Neo-Plasticism) from Holland, and architectural bits from the Bauhaus in Germany. Benton cobbled together models made of wood, wire, paper and metal and painted still-lifes of them, adding the prismatic

gallery of caricatures. These folksy, exaggerated modelled their heads in clay and then tried out combinations of black and colour sketches of mid-American types shown under the title white values in tempera on the small sculptures. “Missoura”, (sic) achieved some favourable critical notice. They staked out the territory he would return to again throughout his career and There is a cartoon look to the pictures if only the exaggerations are include him under the category of American

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