Amelia Bedelia Chapter Book #4: Amelia Bedelia Goes Wild!

Amelia Bedelia Chapter Book #4: Amelia Bedelia Goes Wild!

Herman Parish

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 0062095064

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Amelia Bedelia, America's favorite housekeeper, had a childhood full of surprises, mischief, and hilarious misunderstandings. In this illustrated chapter book adventure, just right for fans of Judy Moody and Ivy + Bean, young Amelia Bedelia and her friends build a zoo in the backyard (complete with stuffed animals and attractions) and offer safari adventures to the entire neighborhood. This is the fourth book in the nationally bestselling Amelia Bedelia chapter book series, and it is just right for newly independent readers ready for a more challenging vocabulary and books with chapters.

Amelia Bedelia takes everything literally, and that leads to all kinds of silly misunderstandings. The bestselling and beloved housekeeper has been making readers laugh for more than fifty years. Amelia Bedelia has a warm and positive attitude, and she has fun with language, vocabulary, and idioms. The Amelia Bedelia chapter books feature short, easy-to-read chapters, illustrations throughout, and Amelia Bedelia's can-do spirit. This is the fourth book in the chapter book series featuring the childhood of America's favorite housekeeper. The first book is called Amelia Bedelia Means Business, the second book is Amelia Bedelia Unleashed, and the third book is called Amelia Bedelia Road Trip!—and you don't have to read them in series order to enjoy them.

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really loved him, and when he died, Roger kept Georgie in a cold, dark place until he could give him a funeral like he deserved. But first, Georgie spent today teaching kids about animals. Now he’s ready to rest. I’ll plant forget-me-not flowers on top of you, because none of us will ever forget you, Georgie.” Amelia Bedelia turned to Roger, who was holding the block of ice. Then Roger did another thing that Amelia Bedelia had not expected. He gave Georgie a kiss. No one looked away or squirmed

with her animals and dolls. She was sick of watching nature programs on TV. She was sick of gazing out the window at the beautiful spring day. She was sick of thinking about how much fun her class was having without her on the field trip to the zoo. Most of all, she was sick of being sick. “How’s the worst patient in the world?” asked Amelia Bedelia’s mother. She put a bowl of soup and a grilled cheese sandwich on Amelia Bedelia’s desk, along with Amelia Bedelia’s favorite fruit, a banana.

room was completely quiet. She picked up her squirrel monkey and tickled its ears. Did they think her report was dumb? Finally Clay whistled. “That would be wild, Amelia Bedelia,” he said. “I hope so,” said Amelia Bedelia. “That’s my plan.” Amelia Bedelia had forgotten the best part, so she stood up again and added, “If you come over, I’ll show you how a monkey eats a banana. It’s really cool.” Everyone cheered. “Our field trip to the zoo isn’t over yet,” said Teddy. “It’s just moved to

sure hope my mom packed me some pie today!” “Amelia Bedelia,” said Heather. “We all hope you keep working on your zoo, because it’s really cool. But if you hear a beep, watch out!” After lunch, Mrs. Shauk began talking about endangered animals. Amelia Bedelia took a big risk by peeking in her notebook at the list she had made of cool animals for her zoo. She still felt bad about turning down Roger’s deer head. She knew that zoologists and scientists often studied stuffed animals from

considerate. You pay attention. You ask good questions. Now you’re drawing plans for a zoo and passing notes.” “After I missed the trip to the zoo,” said Amelia Bedelia, “I just wanted to do something fun with my class and animals.” Tears welled up in Amelia Bedelia’s eyes. “I see,” said Mrs. Shauk. “How’s it going? Are you making progress?” Amelia Bedelia thought for a few seconds. Then she said, “Pretty good. But it isn’t easy to make an interesting zoo. Especially if you can’t have the type

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