Acrylic Painting With Lee Hammond

Acrylic Painting With Lee Hammond

Lee Hammond

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 1581807090

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Instruction for Beginners - Results Like a Pro!

You can learn to paint with skill and confidence. Lee Hammond makes painting with acrylics accessible and fun with sound guidance, practical tips and encouraging advice.

As Lee explains, the magic of acrylic painting is in the layers. Painting in layers makes it easy to block out shapes, add details and cover mistakes. Just follow along step by step, and in no time you'll be painting a variety of beautiful subjects so realistic and detailed no one will believe you're just a beginner.

Starting with the basics, Lee's masterful instruction includes:

  • Help with choosing brushes, paints and other materials
  • Easy methods for thinning paint, mixing colors and preparing surfaces
  • Visual explanations of color and composition
  • Close-up instruction for getting the details just right, including textures, shading, reflections, highlights and skin tones
  • 40 step-by-step painting demonstrations for painting still-lifes, landscapes, portraits, flowers, animals and more

Try Lee's proven techniques and start achieving the paintings of your dreams!

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of red. Adding the darkness helps create a natural framework, leading the eye into the center of the painting and to the main focal point. With a liner brush, add all of the small details to the many surfaces of this piece. For instance, add small streaks of light and dark green to the leaves to make them look like philodendrons. Add light edges to some of the leaves and to the stems. Add light edges to the rims of the glasses and inside the glasses where the stems come together. These small

Because of the black-and-white color scheme in this project, you can really concentrate on the tones and painting techniques. Another nice thing about an outdoor scene such as this is you don’t have to use the grid method to get it on the paper because accuracy of shapes is not critical to a basic landscape painting. In this piece you will also get to practice blending tones smoothly on the canvas. Materials List Paints • Ivory Black • Titanium White Brushes • no. 8 sable or synthetic

Amazingly, these were the actual colors of the scene; I haven’t altered them for this painting. Beautiful! JAMAICA 9” × 12” (23cm × 30cm) Demonstration: Cloudscape Sometimes an entire scene can be created from a sky alone. Clouds have a way of creating their own story and composition. The bonus to a sky composition is that it requires no horizon lines or grids! All you need is a free spirit and some paint! The sky offers you the opportunity to experiment to your heart’s desire, because

bottles. I prefer using paint from a jar rather than from a tube or bottle. Acrylic paint dries quickly, so if I have some uncontaminated color left over on my palette, I return it to the jar to avoid wasting it. This is not possible with paint from a tube or bottle. I also like jars because I can mix my own custom colors for a particular painting and store them in separate jars. This is helpful if you are working on a large project and need to keep your colors consistent as you work. For the

are intended and prevents them from drying out and fraying. It’s like hair conditioner for your brushes! When you are ready to use the brush again, simply rinse the soap off with water. My Favorite Brush Cleaner The Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver will remove all of the paint from your brushes and condition the bristles. I’ve used it for many years and swear by it. Painting Surfaces Many students ask me what the best painting surface is. That depends on your preference and

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