A Very Good Idea

A Very Good Idea

M. C. Badger

Language: English

Pages: 17

ISBN: 1742976247

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A warm, inventive and funny series about three siblings who live by their own rules. The Tinklers Three celebrates the freedom and inventiveness of childhood – when the ordinary can become extraordinary. Marcus and Mila Tinkler are very good at climbing. But can they go from their house to the town clock tower without once touching the ground? It won't be easy. It will probably be dangerous. And almost certainly dirty. It's a very good idea!

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have a grumpy adult living nearby, so they asked Mrs Fitz to pretend to be cross with them. To keep the Tinklers happy, Mrs Fitz banged loudly on the ceiling of her flat with her broom at least twice a day. She huffed crossly at the Tinkler children whenever she met them on the stairs. And every Sunday the Tinklers went down to her flat so she could give them a good ticking-off. The Tinklers knew that children needed a good ticking-off once a week, and Mrs Fitz said she didn’t mind doing it.

someone getting into trouble. See how awful they were? As well as being awful, the Splatleys were terrible stickybeaks, so the Tinklers always tried to go past the Splatleys’ floor without making a sound. Maybe they won’t hear us, thought Marcus. We are sliding very quietly. But just as the Tinklers got close to the Splatleys’ front door, it sprang wide open. Mr and Mrs Splatley leapt out. Their children stood behind them. ‘WHAT are you doing?’ boomed Mrs Splatley. ‘Get off that banister at

said Marcus. But he didn’t really think that would happen. After lunch the Tinklers were full of energy. They ran even faster and jumped even further. Marcus didn’t feel like he was even running anymore. He felt like he was FLYING. The clock tower got closer and closer. ‘We’re going to do it!’ Mila shouted happily. ‘We’re going to make it to the clock tower by dinner time.’ By now they were in the very fancy part of town. Some of the roofs had playgrounds, and one even had a big trampoline! Of

she should have said was ‘birds’, because not only had the pigeon come back but he had brought friends. Hundreds of friends, in fact. He had flown around telling the other pigeons that the Tinkler children needed their help. He’d pointed out that if they didn’t help there might not be any more seed bread for them. All the pigeons in the city flew to where the Tinkler children were standing. And they did something very strange: They clumped together into the shape of a giant bird. A fluttering,

at all. The giant bird flew across to the top of the clock tower just as the clock struck six o’clock. Dinner time. The crowd down below had gone very quiet while all this was going on. But once the Tinklers were safely on the tower, everyone on the ground began to cheer and clap. This was because they were glad the children weren’t hurt. It was also because it had been very exciting to watch them flying on the giant bird. The Tinklers didn’t hear the people cheering. All they heard were the

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